Dressed for: Pops of Pattern

Already Pretty outfit featuring purple cardigan, turquoise tank top, leopard belt, mustard skirt, cognac pumps

Cardigan, thrifted – similar
Tank – Bella Brand
Skirt, Anthropologie Field Skirt (no longer available) – similar
Belt, thrifted – similar
Pumps – Tsubo Dufay courtesy Tsubo
Watch, Nixon Time Teller
Bracelets, various
Earrings, The Mexican Shopsimilar

This outfit seemed slightly off until I added the belt and watch. Pops of color can liven up many outfits, but in this case, I needed some pops of pattern!

Are you more likely to use patterns as centerpieces in your outfits, or accents?

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7 Responses to “Dressed for: Pops of Pattern”

  1. Roberta

    You make such a good point! We tend to think of color as the only Jiffy-Pop in our closet. I never thought of adding just a touch of pattern.

  2. spacegeek

    In an outfit like the one you post here, I’d likely add a patterned scarf to pull all the colors together. I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t do that. But I suppose the “pops of pattern” is another way to style it! (And I like it!) 🙂

  3. Amber of Butane Anvil

    Great question, Sally! I had to go and look at my posts – seems patterns and pattern mixing are a main attraction. I adore printed shoes but aside from some excellent rain boots, don’t seem to have any. How can that be?

    I really like how your small areas of print light up this outfit.

  4. Aziraphale

    If I use pattern at all, it’s usually as a centerpiece, and usually on the bottom. But I lean towards being more of a solids girl in general. If I use colour, on the other hand, it’s more likely to be as an accent.

    I really dig that mustard yellow skirt. 🙂

  5. Tracey Jennings

    Love the mix of colors and the patterned belt really does finish the look off.
    I love that like me you are a thrifter. I just started my blog almost three weeks ago, having fun with it.

  6. shannon

    I’m super late to the comment party on this one, but I’m catching up on my google reader and just saw this today, and was highly amused because I am wearing pretty much the same colors/pieces: purply blue cardigan, bright aqua tank, but instead of the mustard skirt, I have mustard corduroys on. (But no patterny pops, I’ll admit…those are a nice touch!)