Dressed for: Presenting in a Bar

Already Pretty outfit featuring Ikat scarf, pink sweater, black full skirt, pink tights, ECCO Sculptured 65 Tall boots, Kate Spade polka dot bag

Scarf – thrifted – similar colors
Sweater – thrifted – similar (in neon fuchsia)
Skirt – Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Earrings – Target (no longer available) – similar
Studded wrap bracelet, Streets Ahead via Ideeli – similar
Tights – Express
Boots – ECCO Sculptured 65 Tall Boots
Bag – Kate Spade Carlisle Street Sylvie Satchel via eBay

I wore this to give a presentation to members of Springboard for the Arts and YNPN Twin Cities over at the Icehouse. And let me tell you, presenting in a bar is FUN. (Photo evidence here.) Everyone is relaxed, the atmosphere is casual, and people are much less shy about hitting you with tough questions. Which I love. Q&A is always the best part of my speaking gigs!

Have you ever attended an unusual event at a bar? Something besides live music, like a poetry slam or book reading?


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12 Responses to “Dressed for: Presenting in a Bar”

  1. dustwindbun

    Not quite an event, as it was an ongoing available thing, but the strangest/best bar ‘thing’ I ever saw was this bar in Washington DC that had ping-pong tables. (It was on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives the week after we visited, so foodie types may know the name of it?).

  2. Bernie

    Love it – full of zing and sass! I think you’ve just reawakened my shopping mojo for something powerfully pink. Or more like magenta maybe, but my eyes know what they’re looking for.

    • 1000Oysters

      Me too! I thought I would be the only one! Actually, it was my sister’s baby shower and I helped set it up. In our defense, we live in a very rural area and it happens to be a very good central location! And no alcohol was served. Plus, they had/have a really good shuffleboard table.

  3. Molly

    This is how I dress pretty much every day, with a necklace instead of the scarf. Love it!

    • Sally

      Lots about what is and isn’t office appropriate or age appropriate, shopping resources, tailoring recommendations … kinda depends on the crowd!