Dressed for: Reds and Greens

Already Pretty outfit featuring military jacket, plaid shirt dress, burgundy tights, Frye Vera Slouch boots, Rebecca Minkoff Studded Mab Mini

Jacket – thrifted – similar
Dress – Land’s End Canvas (no longer available) – similar printsimilar shape
Tights – Falke
Boots – Frye Vera Slouch
Socks – lopped off sweater cuffs
Necklace – thrifted – similar
Garnet stud earrings – courtesy Silver Speck
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Studded Mab Mini – via eBay

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a confirmed Grinch, but I’ve been surprised by how many red and green combos I’ve been drawn to lately. Perhaps my heart is about to grow three sizes in a day … OR maybe my Jewish side will eventually take over and it’ll be all blue and silver for a week or so! All of these things are very logical and highly possible, as I’m sure you’re aware.

Do you dress festively in holiday colors during December? What’s your preferred color scheme and why?


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19 Responses to “Dressed for: Reds and Greens”

  1. Trystan (the CorpGoth)

    I do tend to pull out my bright red garments in December – I like the festive feeling of them. I don’t wear green in general, so the red is paired with my usual black, but it feels holiday-appropriate to me 🙂

  2. Valentina

    I don’t have a favored color scheme, per se, for the holidays, but do find myself piling on the metallics, jewelry, hair accessories, fur scarves, etc. Very much a ‘more is more’ aesthetic to brighten the long nights and sparkle with the champagne and fireworks of the New Year. I love it!

  3. Tracey Jennings

    Cute look and not so traditional with that shade of green… I wore a red dress today as my ode to the season,but paired it with grey…Will be on my blog tomorrow..

  4. Kristina

    I adore that dress! Plaid is one of my favorite colors. I had a plaid taffeta formal in high school in the early 80s. I still have it, but my daughters took one look at the plaid and Princess-Di puffy sleeves and rejected, clutching their sides and laughing uproariously. Too bad. It’s a cute dress.

  5. Cathy

    I wear a lot of blue and purple together in December. Purple is an Advent color, plus I associate the month with my grandmother (whose birthday was 12/4) and Our Lady of Guadalupe (feast day 12/12), both of whom bring blues into the picture for me. I do find myself segueing into reds and purples later in the month (and the rest of the winter).

  6. IonaK

    That is an adorable outfit! Burgundy and olive green are my favourite red and green combo, I guess it’s not terribly festive though!

  7. Amber of Butane Anvil

    With wry affection, I think it’s the recovering Goth in me which avoids festive colours and pairings for the sake of being oppositional even still. Fortunately, this in no way prevents wholehearted enjoyment. You look lovely, Sally – this full-skirted dress is awesome on you, as is the heavy-duty chain and heavy-duty quilted candy of a bag.

  8. Aging fashionista

    Wow, timely post! I tend to be a bit of a grinch myself in recent years and due to partial retirement (aka reinventing myself) am out in public less the last year. However I have assembled a capsule of outfits that are red, green, or sparkly and have committed to find as many ways as possible to wear them the next couple weeks. Eg,todnite i am wearing navy blue narrow slacks, navy sequined tank under an emerald green/navy polka dot sweater for drinks with women friends. Challenge,: since I have a casual lifestyle now, to be festive but not overdressed. Thoughts?

  9. Sonja Shin

    Wow, don’t you look adorable and love the way you layered the red socks over your tights. You inspire me with your pics of you looking super cute even in the snow — when I typically opt for more pants. Love the red & green combo too! I never combine red and green. May have to give that a try…

  10. Megan Mae

    Totally perfect red/green pairing. I think it’s festive without delving too far into Christmas-y. I don’t really pair reds/greens. I’ve been wearing less red than ever before. My color schemes seem to be heading to blue/green/purple

  11. liz

    love the red and green plaid dress! very cute and seasonal but toned down a bit for every day with the army green and boots!

    i decided to try and wear red and/or green every [work]day in december. so far so good assuming burgundy and teal count as red or green..

  12. Julie

    i take the opportunity to wear green more often in December. I wore a loose red t-shirt with blue jeans, and a green and blue scarf and green nail polish to my book club this evening. The only thing the ladies noticed was the RED lipstick i just bought and am trying out. It was a hit! I feel pretty grinchy this year, not into the spirit and i keep having those arguments with myself about whether i should attend social functions or not, definitely not the regular me. (those are usually no-brainers, OF COURSE I WILL ATTEND YOUR PARTY!)


  13. Bekka

    I love this look! The matchy matchy in me would pair it with a darker jacket, but you’ve really helped me stretch my boundaries. I extra love the pairing of the burgundy tights with the bright red socks.

    This has been a really preppy year for me, so I’m loving the plaid!

    I’ve actually gotten less grinchy and embraced holidaying it up over the years. Today it’s a forest green snowflake sweater with burgundy cords. I save the really obnoxious sweaters (christmas tree, bright red reindeer) for visiting with the nieces, who are the right age to appreciate such silliness.

  14. Dee

    I don’t have a lot of green but I do have several bright red cardigans and have been wearing them more than usual this holiday season. Part of the reason is the no-chip manicure in bright red I got about 10 days ago and I love to be coordinated : )
    This time of year I tend to wear more sparkly sweaters and jewelry, including a silver lurex long cardigan that I have had for years and is so comfortable. All of these I normally wear with black pants and a black tank, or even a short black skirt with tights. I no longer have any of those now despised “Christmas sweaters” that were so in style about 10 -15 years ago. (Trust me they will be the rage AGAIN in another 10 or 15 years LOL! As we know, every style comes back around eventually!)