Dressed for: Relativity

Already Pretty outfit featuring burgundy blazer, pink full skirt, watercolor print scarf, burgundy tights, Sam Edelman Seraphina boots

Scarf – BeckSöndergaard via Jessica Rose
Blazer – thrifted – similar color/length
Sweater tank – thrifted – similar
Skirt – thrifted – similar
Tights – courtesy Falke (no longer available) – similar
Boots – Sam Edelman Seraphina (no longer available) – similar
Bracelet – thrifted – VERY similar
Earrings – Urban Outfitters (no longer available) – similar

It’s been so snot-freezingly frigid around here that when the subzero temps broke I thought I’d celebrate by wearing a 3/4 sleeve blazer. FOOLISH! Yes, 14 degrees is warmer, relatively speaking, but not warm enough for exposed wrists. Luckily I had this stunning scarf to keep my ever-sensitive neck warm and covered. I pretty much want to live inside this scarf forever. So if you can’t find me, check in there first.


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13 Responses to “Dressed for: Relativity”

  1. Toby Wollin

    I always feel so stupid when I post on Facebook that we’re having a heatwave here when it’s 14 degrees in the middle of the day and it started out at 2 (and I’m feeling grateful that it didn’t start out at minus numbers). People who live in places where it never gets below 50 degrees F. have no idea what it’s like living under conditions where from November through April, the prime directive is ‘how many layers do I need to get through today?”

  2. Shaye

    I did 3/4 sleeves today but it was in the mid-40s, which feels downright balmy after a couple unusual weeks in the mid-20s. Just thinking about 14 degrees makes me cold! There’s a reason we in the Pacific NW couldn’t hack it in MN. 🙂

  3. Kat

    And I thought it was cold in MA……..yikes!!!

    Question about blazers/jackets: In this cold winter weather, do you find that a jacket or blazer gets too bunchy under your winter coat, or does it work out ok?

    I’d like to still be using my jackets as completer pieces, but I have this notion that it would feel all weird under a coat. No?

    • Sally

      Hi Kat! In my experience, it depends on the coat/blazer combo. My coats tend to have sleeves that are lined in silk or some other slippery material, so bunching is minimal. To keep the body from getting wadded up, I button my blazers before slipping on my coat – even if I plan to wear them unbuttoned upon arrival.

      With closer fitting coats and unlined ones, blazers may bunch up and feel awkward. But with lined ones, they should work. I hope!

      • Kat

        Thank you!!!
        When my new winter coat arrives, I’ll give the combo a try.
        Love that you’re wearing lots of color even in the winter!

  4. The Goodwill Fangirl

    The snot freezing made me laugh. I can only wish for that, as my nose is always running like crazy in the bitter cold.

    That scarf is brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

  5. sarah

    stunning! I love the way the skirt picks up and echoes the pink in the scarf (or is it the other way around?) and that little bit of blue in the scarf makes this outfit so dynamic! love love love it!

  6. M-C

    That scarf is great! But I totally see the problem with -relatively- warmer :-). Maybe some nice long fingerless mittens to go with the 3/4 sleeves? Most 3/4 sleeves at their height in the 50s were worn with gloves.

  7. Meg

    Love the plum/ burgundy with the magenta. The colours are very warm, even if you didn’t feel toasty!

  8. Jd

    The skirt might match the scarf, but it’s clearly summer weight cotton, not seasonally appropriate. How about a nice wool or tweed Aline or pencil skirt instead? That would be much more winter appropriate.