Dressed for: Retro Rocker

Already Pretty outfit featuring green cardigan, navy Land's End dress, gray tights, gray Tsubo boots, three strand sparkly necklace, gray snakeskin belt

Cardigan – thrifted – similar
Dress – Land’s End (mine from last year, but same style still available)
Tights – good question – similar
Belt – thrifted – similar
Boots – Tsubo Faline
Necklace – courtesy The Bibelot Shop
Earrings – Ashley Spatula

This is another outfit that got worn while working a shift at Corset. It doesn’t strike me as particularly retro, but while I was chatting with a truly adorable older gal she suddenly grabbed my arm and said, “You’ve got such a fun retro look going on!” I wondered if the new spiky ‘do would clash with some of my dressing preferences, but I’m actually enjoying the juxtaposition. Retro rocker it is.

Ever had someone comment on your outfit in an unexpected way? I always find it fascinating when others see influences that I’ve missed.


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10 Responses to “Dressed for: Retro Rocker”

  1. Rachel

    I used to get comments on my cowboy boots, when I didn’t think I was wearing cowboy boots. It was pretty confusing. I think I gravitated towards slouchy boots with pointed-ish toes… but not actual cowboy boots. Or so I thought.

    An old boyfriend also once told me that my boots (different pair!) looked like some boots worn by Luke in one of the Star Wars films. I was never really sure if that was a compliment, but it definitely wasn’t deliberate!

    • Sally McGraw

      Thank you, my dear! Nope, it’s a new cut and new way of styling – I’ll think about getting a tutorial going.

  2. Sally McGraw

    Brought this same outfit to Chicago and noticed that! Since been replaced, and thank goodness my parents live near a fabric store.

  3. Sally McGraw

    Thanks for all the feedback on the new haircut, friends! I’m loving that I can let more of my natural texture shine through now.

  4. Nicolene Richards

    What a refreshing discovery, I adore the content, fabulously inspirational! Great work!