Dressed for: Sabotage

I’m doing it. I’m piling a bunch of snow-weather outfits into one post because the snow is now gone and I don’t want these to go unposted. And doing this is TOTALLY going to make it snow. Possibly as soon as tomorrow. I can’t even help how evil I am.

Already Pretty outfit featuring Diane Von Furstenberg scarf, Karen Kane dress, burgundy tights, Timberland boots

Scarf – DVF via eBaysimilar pattern
Dress – courtesy Karen Kane
Tights – Target, I think – similar
Boots – Timberland Stratham Heights
Bracelets – various – similar look
Earrings – gift – similar

I feel like I’ve worn a lot of black lately, so I hesitated to post this outfit on its own … but I really did love working the rich burgundy from the scarf print back in through the tights. And this Karen Kane dress is proving to be a workhorse. So nice to have a super basic, comfy black dress with sleeves!

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Already Pretty outfit featuring yellow boyfriend cardigan, star print tunic, skinny jeans, Frye Vera Slouch boots, J.W. Hulme bag

Cardigan – Opitzsimilar
Tunic – thrifted in London – similar print
Belt – thrifted – similar
Jeans – courtesy Karen Kane
Boots – Frye Vera Slouch
Bag – J.W. Hulme
Earrings – Swirly Keen courtesy April Kawaoka

I hit a handful of charity shops during the UK trip last fall, but didn’t end up finding much. I’ve got a gorgeous L.K. Bennet skirt that’s too light colored and lightweight to wear yet, and this adorable star-print tunic. I wore it in a very similar mix a few months back, but like it SO much better with the addition of the like-colored belt.

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Jacket – thrifted – similar
Tee – Gap (no longer available) – similar
Belt – thrifted – similar
Skirt – vintage via eBaysimilar items
Tights – Spanx
Boots – Timberland Stratham Heights
Bracelet – J.Crew via eBay –  similar items
Necklace – ishi
Earrings – Infrared Studio

Wore this for a shift at Corset before I finally admitted that any heel at all was going to make me a grouchy, limping mess by the end of the day. These boots are amazingly comfy, but I am in constant motion at the boutique, so it’ll be flats from now on! If I remember right, the day I wore this leather skirt to work my boss wore her leather pants. So, ya know, love that.

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Now let the April snow begin! MUAH HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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4 Responses to “Dressed for: Sabotage”

  1. Ann Wood

    Ah Sally you evil snow forecaster! i’ve heard the news, so depressing isn’t it? Love the black dress. The accessories are right on!

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Texas Aggie Mom

    Your evil plan must be working – we have a chill factor of 30 this morning in Texas, but at least it’s clear, so no snow for us. LOVE the outfit with the yellow cardigan – what a great way to ease into spring when the weather it dragging its heels! The belt does work really well to tie it all together. This would be my idea of a perfect outfit for a Saturday of errands and lunch with a friend. Hoping I can find something similar in my own closet that will work the same way!

  3. walkercreative

    Loved these outfits! Needed this inspiration BEFORE I got dressed this morning because I had a hard time pulling it together. My brain couldn’t make the shift from Saturday’s 80’s to yesterday’s all day snow and today’s cold. Since snowed in Iowa yesterday, I won’t blame you — this time . . . .

  4. PatchworkJackie

    Snowing in Baltimore tonight, curse you, Sally 🙂