Dressed for: Springlike Temps

Already Pretty outfit featuring denim shirt, yellow corduroy full skirt, BCBGeneration Doris cognac boots, leopard print belt, amber necklace

Denim shirt, thrifted – similar
Belt, thrifted – similar
Skirt, Anthropologie Field Skirt (no longer available) – similar
Boots, BCBGeneration Doris (no longer available) – similar
Amber chip necklace, a gift – similar
Earrings, White Sands Glass

I still cannot BELIEVE that I can do bare legs in March. In Minnesota. I realize that it is, technically, spring now but most years I’ve been up to my eyeballs in snow at this time of year. Still not quite ready to give up my boots and switch to sandals, but I’m thrilled that the season and the weather are in momentary alignment.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we saw another big snow before May. But for now, I’m baring my pale knees with pride.

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16 Responses to “Dressed for: Springlike Temps”

  1. Robin

    You and What a Nerd Would Wear are wearing the same thing today! And you both look great doing it! Love chambray and yellow! And hooray for bare legs in March! I feel equally thrilled/freaked out to bare legs in March in Colorado!

  2. Quin

    Is it just me or is the weather totally wacky? I live in Oregon, and (at least in my area) we’re known for having bizarrely changing weather, but we’ve had a 60 degree warm day and then an 8-inches-of-snow day back to back. WTF. I don’t know how to dress myself anymore, ever. Not to mention my town basically shuts down when we get more than a couple inches of snow because we don’t know how to handle it. (My boyfriend always laughs at this…he’s from Alaska.)

    • Sal

      Yep, we’ve had similarly unpredictable weather for months – 70 degrees and snow in the same week. It wigs me out a bit!

  3. sigourney

    It’s very good to see how relaxed you’ve been looking since becoming self-employed. There’s definitely more contentment.

    Lovely combination!

  4. Katharine

    We’ve had absolutely NO QUESTION about baring legs and moving into the summer wardrobe this week. In Ontario. In Canada. It was 27°C yesterday, which is not just mild, but HOT.

    I bared my legs and didn’t shave. Because I’m not going to shave in March.

    I don’t think anyone noticed.

    • Anneesha

      Heh! me too. Either keep the legs under the desk or keep moving; no one will notice stubble!

  5. Celynne

    I was able to go around bare-legged yesterday here in Ontario and the last few days as well, it’s really mind boggling, but my pale legs are not complaining! I really love the mustard colour with the denim 🙂

  6. Emma

    This is one of my favorite outfits I’ve seen you in recently! You are just glowing!