Dressed for: Another Score

Already Pretty outfit featuring striped shirt, skinny jeans, ankle boots

Top – J.Crew courtesy Twice
Tank – Walgreenssimilar
Jeans – courtesy CAbi
Booties – Clarks (no longer available) – similar
Earrings – Corset
Bracelets – Etsy and Bibelot

I mentioned last time I wore an item from online thrift store Twice that it was a J.Crew piece I’d lusted after, passed on, and then pounced on through the site. This top? SAME THING. I saw my hair stylist wearing it about six months back, demanded the details, and found out she’d gotten it from the clearance rack ages ago. So, no striped shirt with built-in brooch for me. Or so I thought. But then! During my second poke around the Twice site, there it was. In my size. Just waiting to be snapped up and loved.

Not exactly like winning the lottery, but similar. At least for a clotheshorse such as myself.

Ever found an item used that you had passed on buying new? Kinda thrilling, isn’t it? Would love to hear your stories!


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3 Responses to “Dressed for: Another Score”

  1. Amanda Hofman-Frethem

    There was this black sort of meshy fabric (I don’t know how to describe it), ruffled, ladies tuxedo shirt with wee rhinestone buttons that I lusted after for a long time. It was at a couple of shops in Royal Oak, a cool town outside of Detroit (at that time it was a lot like Uptown Minneapolis was about 15 years ago). The problem was that it was way too much money, especially for a college student.

    I eventually found the top at the first Everyday People store in Dinkytown for not very many dollars. Totally worth it. Though, it turned out those wee rhinestone buttons were a skosh too wee, and didn’t want to stay put in the buttonholes. So, eventually I replaced them with ever-so-slightly larger rhinestone buttons that do stay put. It’s still in my closet and I still wear it.

  2. oohlookasquirrel

    I once ordered a black knee-length a-line skirt (a wardrobe staple of mine) online from the gap, found that I didn’t like it enough to justify the price tag, and returned it. Years later, I found it in my size at a thrift store for $2. I remembered the skirt and was absolutely thrilled to have gotten another chance at it. I’m having a difficult time wearing it, though, because my standards for skirts have risen significantly since I gave up wearing pants. It wasn’t so great after all. I’m very happy that I only spent $2 to find that out. It is living in a box of winter items at present, but when I find it again, it’s probably going back to the thrift store.