Dressed for: Stripes that Swirl

Already Pretty outfit featuring floral cardigan, striped skater dress, pyramid stud belt, Antelope sandals, chain bracelet

Floral cardigan, via Marshallsmore floral cardigans
Striped dress – Old Navy
Belt, a boutique in SF – similar
Sandals – Antelope 934 Ankle-Strap Sandal
Bracelet – thrifted, similar
Earrings, courtesy Accessory Artists

Last year, I bought a striped “dress” from Target that turned out to be more of a tunic. I wore it and washed it so often that the black stripes began to fuzz their way into the white ones. It looks fine from afar, less fine up close. So I nabbed this striped dress – an actual dress – as a replacement. I expected it to be flimsy, clingy jersey, but it’s surprisingly thick and sturdy. Still drapes beautifully, though, and is bound to become a year-round favorite.

Just check out that swirly, full skirt. Love it!

Already Pretty outfit featuring floral cardigan, striped skater dress, pyramid stud belt, Antelope sandals, chain bracelet

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24 Responses to “Dressed for: Stripes that Swirl”

  1. Ellen

    I think this might be my favorite outfit of yours yet! Love these 2 prints together.

  2. Aging fashionista

    I really like this look and am inspired by the florals and stripes together. Not sure I could pull that off but may try! But how would you transition it to all four seasons? I could see summer (cooler days as weve had lately s or air c ) but winter? I have a striped knit 3/4sleeved heavier knit dress that like to do in winter if you have ideas.

  3. Megan Mae

    It’s a really fabulous cut dress! I’m glad to hear the quality is good too. Sometimes Old Navy can go south with quality.

  4. Eliana

    I just LOVE this look. Stripes and floral are my very next thing to try. Yours looks so crisp and lovely.

  5. Jennifer

    I love that black and white striped dress. The crisscross of the ankle straps are a great counterpoint to the dress. Very fun outfit. Fresh looking.

  6. Audi

    Wow, that dress is truly made for you! The fit and proportions are impeccable, and I love that you paired it with a bold floral.

  7. tina

    Your blog is dangerous! I can’t tell you how many times I have ordered something that I have seen on your blog! I just ordered this dress from ON after seeing it on you!

  8. Kate

    I just ordered that same dress online the other day – can’t wait until it gets here – and love the floral cardigan pairing. I’ve been pairing striped shirts with floral skirts and getting rave reviews lately!

  9. Inky

    Okay, you have finally motivated me to go out of my comfort zone on so many levels here. I’m heavily tattooed so I avoid most prints but sometimes wear strips. LOVE this dress and so shocked to see it is sleeveless – I’d never have purchased it seeing it without your styling. Ordered it last night and today I found a black background grey and plum floral cardigan (not too bright but bright enough for my skin not to clash with my own clothing!). Love the shoes too but wish I didn’t have cankles that never fit ankle straps so I’m still pondering what’s in my own closet to wear – and I have plenty of belts. Thank you for helping me, after years of reading your blog, step out of solids. Of course, I haven’t worn it yet, but ordering it is a start, right? 😉

    • Sal

      Yippee! So excited to hear this, Inky! Hope the stripy dress works fabulously for you.

      • Inky

        I hope so too, Sal! It’s also shorter than I usually wear but what the heck – life is all about adapting and evolving and I want to be one of the ladies on Advanced Style someday soon (I’m 52 – sooner than later, haha). It’s never too late to evolve. Keep it coming, I’m ready.

  10. Carmen

    I just bought the exact same dress at Old Navy online and rec’d it today! I was surprised at the nice heavy weight of the material myself. I was concerned that it over accentuated my hips, however I see it on you (I’m proportioned similarly) and it looks great on you! I think I’ll keep! I’m going to pair it with a longish puple cardi and I loved the look of the dark purple against the stripes. Can’t wait to see how else you wear it!

  11. Carmen

    OMG! I have floral Docs I bought last Feb on clearance!!! I could wear that with the stripey dress and long purple cardi! Thanks for the flowery pattern mixing for inspiration!!!

  12. Angela

    Wow, I love this look! Beautiful prints, and I love your criss-cross sandals with the striped dress. I never would have wanted that dress if I’d just seen it online, but seeing it on you makes me excited to imagine its possibilities. Do you think it’d work with the “skirt under a dress” layering trick that you use? Sadly this dress doesn’t come in Tall sizes, but I may give it a try anyway. I think I’d need to layer it to make the length work-appropriate, though.

  13. Tami

    This is hands-down one of my favorite outfits on you. You look great, and I love the mix of floral with stripes. Well done!