Dressed for: Structure and Stripes

Already Pretty outfit featuring mint blazer, multicolored stripe tank, camel skirt, red ECCO pumps, skinny tan belt, Foley + Corinna Jet Set tote

Blazer – courtesy Nygard (no longer available) – similar
Tank – thrifted – similar
Belt – from a pair of shorts – similar
Skirt – Maxstudio
Pumps – Nephi courtesy ECCO
Necklace – Sashsimilar
Bracelet – thrifted – similar
Earrings – Urban Outfitters (no longer available) – similar
Bag – Foley + Corinna Jet Set via eBay

This blazer and skirt are fairly structured but this thrifted tank is one of my softest so a lovely balance was struck among these diverse elements. I wish I’d gotten a closer shot, but the lining of the blazer is striped, too, so the cuffs complemented the top beautifully!


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5 Responses to “Dressed for: Structure and Stripes”

  1. shebolt

    These colors make me happy! I had just put away most of my softer colors, thinking they weren’t appropriate for late summer, but you’ve just convinced me to pull them back out. My emotional response is more appropriate than some stuffy ideas about the seasonality of colors.

  2. Olivia

    Love the color combination, and I love the bag as always. How do you go about choosing your handbags? I look around ebay sometimes, but I really have no idea what brands are quality and worth searching for.

  3. Susan

    I too would like to read more about how you choose your handbags.

  4. Sally

    I’ll cook up a handbag post soon, ladies! Others have asked, and specifically about eBaying for upscale bags, so it’s definitely on the list.