Dressed for: Subzero

Already Pretty outfit featuring Icelandic wool sweater, leggings, Frye Harness boots, oversized handbag

Sweater tunic – from Iceland – this is the one! (WOW, mine was way cheaper)
Long-sleeved tee – Target (old but this is the same)
Leggings – Old Navy (old but these are the same)
Boots – shearling-lined Frye 12R
Bag – handmade via Loring Corners Gallery
Sunglasses – gift – similar
Earrings – HSokol

Holy bananas, it’s cold. SO COLD, friends. I busted out the Icelandic wool this weekend because nothing else would come close to keeping me warmish. This boiled wool is a standby for when windchills bring us double digits below zero.

See what I looked like anytime I was actually out of the car for anything besides a bitterly cold outfit shot – encased in down – right here!


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10 Responses to “Dressed for: Subzero”

  1. KimM.

    I clicked on the link for the tunic you’re wearing and now I’ve spent the last half hour drooling over the Icelandic sweaters. They are gorgeous! Are you happy with the quality and warmth of yours?

    • Sally

      Oh my goodness, YES. I have two Icelandic wool tunics, and I wear them every single time we get below-zero windchills. They can be a wee bit itchy, so they do need layering, but they are warmer than anything else I own!

  2. Vanessa

    That’s a lovely coat! I’m wondering if there’s just the one closure or if there are hidden buttons/ties/something to keep the front closed up?

    • Sally

      Nope, it’s just the kilt pin that’s used as a closure! It’s a boiled wool, so it’s relatively tacky on its own and doesn’t fly open. At least, mine doesn’t.

  3. Jasmine

    I LOVE this outfit! I absolutely adore a monochrome black look, so chic to me! I don`t seem to be personally well received in them. I always wonder if its that my pairing is off or if the colours don`t suit me.

  4. Jennifer

    So simple, but so perfect. So drooling over that sweater, but choking on the price 🙂

  5. Katy

    Looking great! Love the rocker-ish look. I have the hardest time taking OOTD pics when the temperature dips below 30*. It’s 9* in WI today and there is NO WAY I’m venturing out without a coat and with a camera. HA. – Katy

  6. Michelle

    A single layer of leggings on your legs? You deal with cold better than me.