Dressed for: Taking a Chance on the Pants

Already Pretty outfit featuring denim jacket, burnout tee, Blue Fish Clothing wide leg pants, bronze flats

Denim jacket – Gap (no longer available) – similar
Tee – Gap  (no longer available) – similar style
Pants – courtesy Blue Fish Clothing (giveaway forthcoming)
Flats – Hush Puppies via Opitzsimilar
Necklace – Opitzsimilar
Earrings – Sundance (no longer available) – similar

I couldn’t tell you why, but my interest in pants-wearing is now officially piqued. And I’m especially intrigued by unusual and eye-catching designs. This pair won’t work for the office and even pushes my own personal sartorial envelope … but they are a great jeans/sweats/leggings alternative and marvelously comfy. They’re lightweight and wide-legged enough that I’m not sure they’ll be practical in the dead of winter, but I’m excited to see how else I can style them before the snow flies.

When it comes to pants, do you stick to the classics or are you splashing out on printed, funky, or unusual pairs?

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21 Responses to “Dressed for: Taking a Chance on the Pants”

  1. shebolt

    I’m pretty boring when it comes to my pant preferences.

    It took me a while to jump on the skinny jean trend, and it took me a while to jump on the colored jean trend. I had to ease into the latter with red, which seemed like the safest choice for colored jeans. I stopped myself from buying a cobalt pair, because I have plenty of jeans already.

    My work trousers are all full length in a classic cut. I just picked up a cropped pair and a skinny pair, both in black, and I’m still not sure about either.

    The only patterns I’ll consider are a pinstripe or subtle plaid on my trousers.

  2. Megan Mae

    My eyes may have just boggled like cartoon hearts. I adore those pants!! So so fabulous. I love pants, but finding a pair that fits is a feat in itself.

  3. Melanie Suzanne

    I jumped on the skinny and colored jeans bandwagon in late summer thanks to Lane Bryant coming out with a flattering fit for us plus size girls. I am head over heels for my colored skinnies and love wearing them with flats, heels, and boots.

  4. Anne

    You may have just discovered the next new trend: The Anti-Skinny!

    This year I ventured into the world of brightly colored pants. I now have bright green, bright blue and a pair of plum skinnies. Other than when I wear then with neutral tops, I kind of feel like an overgrown kindergardener who escaped the sandbox.

  5. Juliann

    I loved the printed pants the woman in the debate was wearing. Totally distracted me from the debate. I’ll definitely have to try some of those.

  6. Andrea

    Those pants look great on you! I love the cut and the color, and they look so comfy — like something I couldn’t wait to leap into on the weekends. I had to accept that skinny jeans just don’t flatter my body shape. But a great wide-leg pant? Yes, please!

  7. Jenny

    I only wear pants. I’ve never figured out how to wear dresses or skirts. I have a lot of colors of pants in a pretty basic shape in both dress pants and jeans. I don’t venture out to many different shapes though.

  8. sarah

    fab pants all the way! Oh, sure, I’ve got jeans that I wear lots, but I’ve also got slim cropped trousers in cotton/silk sateen with an abstract floral print in midnight hues, coral pink silk velvet wide legs, straight-cut plaid corderoys and pastel plaid skinnies, olive green linen cargos and black jodphurs. And because I’ve always been a fan of the fantastically billowing wide legs, I’ve got ’em in airy linen in pale blue for summer, and in heavy wool tweed-of-many-colours for winter. Dark grey wool herringbone wide-leg sailor pants, too! =)

  9. Ignorant Awareness

    I love pants like these- they give you the comfort of sweatpants while still looking decent enough to wear them when not exercising/ inside the house. In fact, I wear palazzo/ wide-leg pants so often that jeans now feel far too restrictive on my thighs & butt!

    Here’s hoping no one at work figures out my secret to being dressed for (comfortable) success 😉

  10. Tracey Jennings

    I admire your bravery in going outside the comfort zone! That is the fun of having a blog isn’t it? I love the look! I also love your pose.

  11. Amber of Butane Anvil

    I love these pants! They are both dramatic and adorable. Fantastic necklace too.

    Though pants and I have a hard time getting along – especially the “classics,” I am a big fan of unusual ones. It was thanks to you that I discovered how well high-waisted wide-leg dress pants work for me, for which I will be forever grateful!

  12. sarah

    what kind of waist is on these pants? is it elasticized? drawstring?

  13. Meshell

    Oh my, love those pants. I had to go to Blue Fish clothing and check out the rest of the clothes. Wow, these would make for some great pants to wear at Kirtan events 😀

  14. sisty

    Love those pants on you….. and on me! I’m so glad this look has come back.

  15. Zed Master

    Aw, bless. Those pants are revolting, but you have the best attitude & pull them off flawlessly.

  16. Erika A

    I love the dusty pink with the denim! I need to remember that combo.

    Also – WOAH THOSE FLATS. I must have them. 🙂

  17. Zed Master

    Looking at them further – they are still hideous, but I want them so bad.

  18. PK

    I have loved Blue Fish Clothing for ages. I have a very limited budget so I am sewing my own Blue Fish inspired clothes. These pants are tres cool!