Dressed for: Testing

Already Pretty outfit featuring black J.Crew boyfriend cardigan, Not Your Daughter's Jeans leather-look pants, black pumps

Cardigan, J.Crew (no longer available) – similar
Tee, Gap
Pants, Sheri Coated Jeans courtesy Not Your Daughter’s Jeans
Pumps, Etienne Aigner via Ideeli – similar
Necklace, thrifted – similar
Bracelet, art fair – similar
Earrings, Noir via Ideeli – similar

I’ve heard such great things about Not Your Daughter’s Jeans from you folks and from my fellow bloggers that I’ve been recommending them in the sale picks posts for ages. But I realized with a dull thud that I’d never actually tried on a pair, and was curious to see for myself if they were as marvelous as everyone was saying. I was sent this pair of Sheri Coated Jeans, which have a very convincing leather look but are actually just denim with a treatment.

CONS: They’ve got some very dark, pronounced whiskering at the hipbones. Not a fan of that detail. And although this style is billed as skinny, they’re definitely more of a straight leg.

PROS: They fit true to size with a high, comfortable rise. Most real leather pants are lined, which means they don’t breathe terribly well and can feel thick and bulky. These are thin but warm, and breathe despite the coating. They’re vegan-friendly. And I’ve never seen leather pants in this rich brown, and absolutely love the color!

How many of you are NYDJ fans? What do you like or dislike about their products? Would you like to see a giveaway with this company?

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34 Responses to “Dressed for: Testing”

  1. Beth C.

    I have to be honest, while I am not a fan of super low-rise jeans, NYDJ turn me off because the rise is way too high. I find that anything that goes that high just accentuates my tummy pooch and makes it look WAY bigger and more pronounced than it really is. And no, “tummy panels” don’t help, they stretch out and then make things worse. I prefer my jeans to fall about 1 1/2 to 2″ below my belly button, that way they don’t sag so much they show my butt, the muffin top isn’t too bad, and the waistband holds in the tummy pooch (or at least doesn’t add to it).

    I also find that while the fit is usually OK in the hip/thigh area, they really seem to assume you need room in the hip because you’re wide in a side to side fashion, I’m wide in more of a front to back fashion (read: I have a butt that sticks out) so the hips sometimes hang funny and the waist does’t lay right.

    I will say the overall quality seems to be good, though. I can’t say if they hold up to wear and tear, as I’ve never held on to a pair long enough to say for sure, but it does seem like good fabric and good construction. So, yeah, they are a good product, I’m sure, but definitely not for evey body type.

  2. K-Line

    I like everything about NYDJ except a) the stupid vanity sizing (and it is STUPID) and b) the name. Horrendous name. Totally undermines the product.

    Other than this, I think they’re the best jeans around.

  3. Leslie

    You know, I haven’t tried them on, because I don’t know where they’re sold around me. However— I HATE their ads in magazines!! They claim to be hip, but not mom-jeans… yet they style them as mom-jeans in their print ads. Terrible.

    • Leslie

      Oh, and that said! 😉 You look amazing!! I was totally faked out and thought they were leather!

      And that necklace is GREAT.

  4. Mia

    I could go either way on a giveaway–leather pants aren’t my thing–but I love the black/brown outfit you put together! I’m wearing that color scheme today too, although it’s a cooler brown…well, and the resemblance ends there since my outfit is a vintage shirtdress with tights and ankle boots, haha.

  5. Elizabeth

    Honestly, I have never tried them. While a bit “older” styles, I have tended toward Talbots and Ralph Lauren. Being a curved woman, I am always on the lookout for jeans that fit and flatter!

  6. Jaye

    I now own 6 pair of NYDJ, including the pair in this article. I absolutely love them, they fit and wear wonderfully. The brown coated are amazing. I love the fact that they look like leather without actually being leather. Living in Texas, leather clothes are just not comfortable or practical. These are both and I adore them!

  7. Gwen

    I love your outfit and the pants are a beautiful color. But generally I’m not a big fan of NYDJ jeans. I think they tend toward “mom jeans” and often look quite matronly.

  8. respect the shoes

    Not going to lie, I’ve never heard of this brand before, but those coated jeans look almost like leather without the “leather” if you know what I mean.Do coated jeans wear well or do they show a lot of wrinkles, you think?

    • Sal

      These are relatively new, so I’ll admit that I’m not totally sure. They don’t crease or wrinkle badly the couple of times I’ve worn them so far, though!

  9. Chris

    I haven’t tried them on yet because there aren’t any stores around here that carry them. Also, they’re so expensive that it makes me nervous about trying them mail order. What I do like is the higher waist and that they are make in the US. I would like to try them, so if you can arrange a giveaway, that would be wonderful.

  10. Stephanie

    I bought a pair of NYDJ in coated black and I agree, they fit more like straight-leg instead of skinny. After reading lots of reviews, you need to buy one size smaller (as one of your readers said they have ‘vanity sizing’). I’d like to try other pairs because these fit nicely and hide the muffin top.

  11. Jenny

    I haven’t tried them yet. The name and ads make me think they’re for older women.

    I like the colors of your outfit, but it seems weird to me to have “leather” pants that are so loose around the ankle.

    I’d still like to see what you think of a plain denim version of the brand since the coated denim is a trend that has its own pros and cons.

  12. Susan

    I am a big fan of NYDJ! They’re pricey but I sometimes get lucky and find a sale. Excellent line but watch out, some of their jeans now have polyester in them. And to me, polyester is of the devil. I only buy the 99% cotton 1% spandex mix. I love them and they love me back.

    • Dee

      thanks for that heads up about the polyester….I think some of the printed jeans are blends but I could be wrong.

  13. Moira

    I like them, but OTOH, I have an extremely long torso, so the waistline doesn’t hit as high on me as it would on most.

    One thing I’d like a recommendation for is most people’s favorite cheap jeans. Although I am willing to invest in a good pair, I’ve recently changed sizes and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a size that might prove temporary. At the same time, I’d like a cute pair of jeans to wear right now! Would especially love recommendations for cheaper lightweight and/or stretchy denims.

    • Nuranar

      My very cheapest jeans are Wrangler’s from Academy. They were less than $20 a pair, but actually fit my wide hips and heavy thighs really well. And they actually came in Longs. I haven’t found them online, but it’s well worth going to the store; there’s a lot of styles. Mine might have been the very cheapest, but IIRC they were all under $40.

      The other ones I wear are Bootheel Trading Co. They have two general fits, “white” and “blue” – I think the white is higher waisted/more relaxed – and several types within each fit. I think they were no more than $60/pair; honestly don’t remember, since I got mine on one of their rare sales at Dillard’s.

    • Sara

      My favorite jeans are “Angels” brand. I usually find them at thrift stores or Ross/TJMaxx type stores very cheap (I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $20 and usually less than $10) and they tend to be rather “embellished” (I’m not big on whiskering, or rhinestones or loud embroidery) but plainer styles can be found and they’re lightweight and super-stretchy and have plenty of room for a pronounced booty (for those of us who tend more towards depth than width in that area).

  14. Beth M

    Okay, so I admit to being an ‘older’ woman, but these are fantastic jeans and the higher rise takes care of muffin top, holds jiggly parts firmly, and they feel great–no stiff denim. I’ve bought mine at Ross Dress for Less at significantly lower prices, and I have also seen them at Stein Mart and TJ Maxx. 6pm.com also has them too, all for great prices. I would love to try the leather look. They may be ‘mom’ jeans in that they fit differently than the low-rise, narrow waisted ones I used to fit into, but they look great on and I love them.

  15. Aging fashionista

    I haven’t tried them on for a while,am really liking the higher rise to cover muffin top top; im a little old for super low rise. As others have said, they are a little pricey and not often on saleso giveaway or some deal would be nice. I will check out TJ Max and maybe online. Like the brown leather look a lot. Don’t have a problem with straight vs skinny but, tell me Sal, can you wear these with tall boots or aren’t they skinny enuf?

    • Sal

      This particular pair won’t work tucked into tall boots both because they’re not skinny enough and because the treatment will make any bunching look especially obvious. I’m betting other NYDJ styles are truer skinnies and could be tucked, though!

      • Aging fashionista

        BTW, I could use another tutorial on the whole boots vs. flats vs, heels of all kinds deal, how to pair with different types of pants. What do women do with narrow ankle length pants in Mn in winter? Socks? Boots? Just put them away for awhile? Etc.

  16. Viktoria

    Hah, I woke up this morning in the middle of a dream where I was wearing over-size elastic-waist granny pants and was the epitome of chic! Really!

    In real life, I had practically given up on anything trouser-related, when I tried on a pair of wine-coloured jeans-type pants in my local thriftstore. I have a flat stomach, but am very, very high-hipped, and baggy around the thighs and digging hard into my hips is what I would expect from most/all trousers, but these are nothing like that. They don´t reach up to my waist, but the waistband sits comfortably around the hip, and they shape nicely around bum and thigh. I bought them, brought them home and then realized that they were men´s trousers that had been accidentaly hung on a ladies rack.

    Live and learn. I get compliments on these every time I wear them.

    • Chris

      I say never mind to the pants tag indicating mens’ or womens’ pants! It’s how they fit that counts. I started buying jeans so long ago that there weren’t choices in inseams for women. The manufacturers apparently thought that all women from 4′ 2″ to 6′ 2″ had the same leg length. If I could find a size that somewhat fit me otherwise, the hem of the jeans would be above my ankle bone. A friend suggested that I try mens’ jeans and I have been wearing them every since. Even the inexpensive store brands mens’ jeans are made reasonably well and hold up over the long haul. This isn’t a solution for every female but has and still does serve me well.

      Every once in awhile I purchase some womens’ jeans. So far I haven’t found anything I like, fits, and looks decent. I would however, like to try NYDJ.

  17. Dee

    I recently discovered that NYDJ has some styles that fit me well. I had tried their jeans a few years ago and they did nothing for me. I don’t think my body changed that much so I am thinking they changed their fit. Anyway, I actually only own a pair of denim crops and two pairs of their denim shorts so far, (got them on sale at Von Maur) and I love them! I am in my mid 50s so I dont want low rise or real skinny jeans anyway. I think these are good looking without being outdated “mom” jeans. Also I am told that Nordstrom Rack carries them at discount but I have not checked myself. Just a word of warning – and I wrote about this once before – the sizing is very unreliable for the brand, which is disappointing for a jean that is so pricey. I recently tried on 4 or 5 pairs of their printed jeans in the same size (16), and only one I could zip, the rest were varying stages of too tight! Oh Sal, I love those brown leather look ones on you– I may have to try those on myself. And yes for a giveaway!!

  18. E

    I have two pairs of “Alicia” NYDJ in petite. I’m short, 4′ 11″, short waisted (though this might just be because I’m so short), and size 12 right now, so apple-shaped and with a tummy. Here are my thoughts: at first, they feel so good that you think Hallelujah! (despite, as someone mentioned, the HORRIBLE name). They are not skinny – they’re straightlegs for sure. which on the white ones is fine – I wear them in summer and both hem and roll them once because that’s what I want to look like with sandals. with the dark dark navy ones I ordered online, this did, quickly, look matronly. I took them in on my machine the other day, but haven’t really reached for them since. because they are so high waisted, I noticed the other day, I can actaully ROLL them down back to my waist. and this looked better than the regular fit. So. I don’t know if I’ll be going back, even though they have petite sizing, they’re maybe not petite where I need them to be. Both, by the way, are vanity-sized ordering: my waist is 34 inches and I got 10’s.

  19. Lynnski

    I bought a couple of pairs online (endless or 6 pm) for a great price. I like them so much that I’ wear only those pairs now. For me, the Sheri in petite were perfect, and they’re certainly as ‘skinny’ as I’d want a pair of jeans to be (age 55, fairly active, legs and thighs are my thinnnest body regions). I find they are fine for tucking into boots. The amount of spandex is perfect, and the colors are superb.

  20. Bekka

    Not sure how I feel about the company (and seems like there are lots of mixed reviews), but I LOVE this look on you! Gorgeous and polished and va-va-voom.

    I’m in love with my Gloria Vanderbilt’s Amanda size, so I don’t think I’d switch for jeans, but I am kind of tempted by this treated look.

  21. Jennifer

    I’m a plus-size with considerable belly, hips, and booty, and I love the one pair of NYDJ I have. I saw them on a rack at a Burkes outlet store for $40, and knowing how much they are originally, snatched them up. Yeah, the rise is super high, and with a short torso, I didn’t know if I would like that…but it holds in the belly like no other pair I own. It frames my legs nicely (usually if it fits my belly, the leg area is awash in fabric). I got a bootcut pair in a darker rinse, and it’s definitely my “date night” choice as well as at least once a week to work.

    I like the pair you’re reviewing, and would love to see a giveaway!

  22. Sara Spissu

    Every pair I tried on would have to be hemmed, so I was frustrated by the fact that they seemed to be made for model-height women. Also, it may have been the store I was in, but they seemed overpriced. These, however, look great on YOU. I’m glad I found your site – very informative and creative. Thank you for blogging 🙂

  23. Mary

    I liked the first pair of NYDJ jeans I bought. The tummy panel, which I totally neeeeed, worked well. Then I bought another pair that looks great right after they’re washed but then the tummy panel stretches way out and actually looks worse than non-tummy-panel jeans – like arrows pointing at my belly “Look, here it is! Pay attention to this woman’s lack of abs!” So I’m not sure I’ll get them again. It might have to do with the amount of spandex, which I believe is a lot.

    What I have had good luck with is the Sonoma life+style jeans that are sold at Kohl’s. I just got a pair on closeout for $19. They have the same panel, where the pockets are stitched to the fly, and it stays snug, looks good, and is quite comfy. I have bought them in various leg styles and fabrics. Very nice, plus cheap.

  24. Lynne

    I only have one pair but have loved them to death. When I wear them I feel terrific. The only thing I have found is that even though I have carefully hand washed them and dried them in the shade the knees are looking a bit worn. Will definitely buy another pair if I can find them on sale.

  25. LaChina

    I have a few of the skinny, the bootcut and shorts, and I love them all. The sizes vary, in some jeans I have to go down a size. But a good value, I try to get them on sale or with a coupon. I love the texture of the fabric, very soft.