Dressed for: The Balmy Spring Weather

Already Pretty outfit featuring robin's egg blue cardigan, yellow tunic, gray leggings, gray pattern scarf, gray Diesel Go-go boots

Cardigan – thrifted – similarmore in this color family
Tunic – thrifted – similar colorsimilar shape
Leggings – Target
Boots, Diesel Go-go (no longer available) – similar – more Diesel boots
Scarf – thrifted – similar look
Earrings – Target

Ahhhh, springtime in Minnesota. Feel the warm sun on your back. Hear the happy birds chirping. Watch the long green grass sway in the breeze. What could be better?

OK JUST KIDDING. I know we’re not alone in getting a mighty wallop of snow this week, so many of you are out frolicking in the flakes right along with me. Are you like me and starting to wear spring-y colors in the decidedly wintry weather?


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14 Responses to “Dressed for: The Balmy Spring Weather”

  1. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    I *did* do a double-take when I saw your title pop up on my reader, Sal. Balmy Minnesota in early March . . . Great pics though, and a very pretty, Spring-y color combination. : >

  2. Cheryl

    I would bring out my spring wardrobe, only it’s TOO DAMN COLD. This is the point in the winter when ‘most everybody in the Northeast is really, really, really sick of it.

  3. Chris

    You look fantastic as usual, but I don’t understand how you can not be cooolldd.


  4. sarah

    HA! I love it. Still, the snow-light makes for lovely photos!

    Seattle’s getting off easy this year; we’ve had two sunny days in the mid-fifties already. It might be a little pathetic that I think two sunny days in the mid-fifties by March is exciting. =)

  5. Tabie

    Those colors are beautiful. Both the baby and I were going to wear spring time clothes because it hit 70 today here, then right before we left the house the temp dropped, the wind began to blow and then storm clouds rolled in. 🙁

  6. Latresa

    I love the colors! I wore similar colors on an outfit that I modeled on my blog page voluptuousvelocity.blogspot.com. I had a courderoy skirt that I modified and the rest is history! I must say that when I wore those colors my mood instantly changed and suddenly winter wasn’t so dull. LOL! I love the cardigan and you are rockin those boots girlfriend!

  7. J.B.

    I love this outfit! The colors are so happy, and it brings back a childhood outfit memory: I used to have this, I guess it was velour, to 7 year old me it was velvet shirt that was white and yellow stripes (in exactly that shade of yellow), with tinier grey stripes between the those stripes, and I always wore it with a cuordoroy skirt in just that shade of robin’s egg blue. It was probably my first consciously put together outfit (and there were no others for quite sometime). There was just something about that color combination that resonated with me, and still does.