Dressed for: The Cool

Already Pretty outfit featuring black button-front shirt, striped full skirt, Kork-Ease Alva boots, Foley + Corinna Mid-city Tote, rhinestone bracelet

Button-front shirt, Old Navy (no longer available) – similar
Skirt, Neiman Marcus (no longer available) – similar look
Boots, Kork-Ease Alva via eBay
Bag, hand-me-down Foley + Corinna Mid-City Tote
Rhinestone bracelet, J.Crew (no longer available) – similar
Earrings, Infrared Studio

I wore this on a day when it was supposed to be unseasonably cool. And it was. But it was still warm enough to make close-fitting tall boots feel like overkill. Something looser would’ve worked better.

This skirt was a recent sale pick, and I couldn’t resist buying it myself. As any of you who also nabbed it likely discovered, it is both short and surprisingly lightweight. It’s comfy and it’s cute, but it’s a bit more casual than I’d expected.

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18 Responses to “Dressed for: The Cool”

  1. Keisha

    Sal, your button front shirts always fit perfectly–do you just have the patience to try on tons to find the few brands/stores that work for you, or do you get them tailored?

    • Sal

      Thanks, Keisha! I am careful to avoid button-front shirts that don’t fit to my body, but I do also know which brands work for my figure. I think this is my only Old Navy one and it is OLD – you’ll notice it’s pretty short, and nearly all the button-fronts on sale now are really, really long in the torso. I have good luck with Banana Republic and Express mainly. The latter is the brand that I thrift most often for button-fronts.

      • Aging fashionista

        I have found BR buttondowns sometimes to be very tight in the bust and I am not very busty. Just FYI if you are going to buy online.

  2. shebolt

    I avoid boots until at least October. I avoid closed shoes until September. I actually put my boots and shoes away for the summer. It got a little cooler here in NJ, finally, and I put on a pair of Converse All Stars. My poor feet were screaming for air!

    But in the winter, I love my boots and wear them as much as possible.

    • Sal

      As I mentioned in this post, it was a cool day. It’s even cooler now. Also black footwear can work in hot weather!

  3. Kate

    Wow, that skirt looks great! Horizontal stripes AND fullness… would not be good on me.

  4. lindsay

    I wore tall black boots, a black and white striped shirt and grey sweater today (in MPLS). There must have been an unofficial dress code. My legs weren’t too warm, but I was in air conditioning most of the time.

  5. sarah

    oh god, I want to be somewhere where I can wear boots. It’s so freakin’ hot here. This look is FAB.

  6. Anna

    Gorgeous! The bag makes for the perfect pop. I have lots of black in my closet and think I can perk it up using this combo as inspiration.

  7. Dee

    I really like that bag too, and I am in need of a nice big tote bag for work. However, I went to that site and WOW that bag is pricey…($400 or so). I know you said it was a hand me down to you (nice friend!), but I am not sure I can spend that much. I have been having real trouble finding a tote that is big enough for all my stuff that I need/want to carry back and forth to work, that also zips accross the top. Most totes, or large bags, just snap, if that. I tried one like that and really don’t feel comfortable. The tote I have now is black micofiber and works great but I would love a leather one, in a fun color. I will have to keep looking.

    • Sal

      Dee, this same style of bag can be bought on eBay used for as little as $100 sometimes, which is a good price for a high-quality leather handbag!

  8. Margo

    Cute skirt. Do you ever slick your hair back? I’d love to see your forehead.