Dressed for: The Great Indoors

Already Pretty outfit featuring black leather motorcycle jacket, tie dye maxi dress, Diesel Go-go boots, lock necklace

Moto jacket, Levi’s (no longer available) – similar
Dress, via HauteLook – similar print/cut
Leggings, Hue (no longer available) – similar
Boots, Diesel Go-go (no longer available) – similar – more Diesel boots
Necklace, a defunct Etsy vendor – similar
Earrings, discomedusa

Snow may seem to indicate cold weather, but don’t be fooled. Today was far colder than any day in the past two weeks, and most of the snow melted over the weekend.

So, since I knew I’d be spending my whole day indoors, I opted for this moto-based outfit. I love wearing light jackets as “blazers,” but this tactic only works for warm weather or indoor days. I don’t own a single heavy, winter coat that would fit over this leather jacket!

(When I worked in an office, I’d take off the jacket and put it into my tote bag with my indoor shoes, throw on my heavy winter coat and boots, then put on jacket and shoes upon arrival in my cube. A decent work-around in most cases.)

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25 Responses to “Dressed for: The Great Indoors”

  1. Sarah N.

    ….that first photo is STUNNING. You have just such a quiet look on your face; I feel like I’ve interrupted a private moment! Just beautiful. 🙂

  2. Judy

    Wow Sally. That first photo IS stunning. I think it personifies your ability to be creative and you continue to amaze me.

  3. Meg

    Well, I don’t comment so often, but I paused for so long on the first photo I thought I might as well. And the reason I paused is: you just look so beautiful!

  4. sarah

    that first photo is KILLER!

    okay, so can I ask who the dress is by? Even if it’s no longer avail, then I know what brand to ebay-stalk =)

  5. Mary

    I really dig that dress with the jacket. I usually see people pairing shorter dresses with them. This looks really great.

  6. Robin

    Sally I love this dress on you! The colors are so pretty on you and I love the asymmetrical hem. The jacket really toughens it up as well. You look lovely!

  7. b.

    Hi, Sal–just stopping by to say that I bought my very own pair of “Han Solo pants” today–they are great! Thanks for the recommendation here! 🙂

  8. Laurie Olson Williams

    LOVE the dress! All by its lonesome, I love that dress. And that’s a nice juxtaposition with the jacket, too. I can see that it changes the whole feel of the dress.

  9. Elizabeth

    I love the jacket! The whole look is cute. I admire you for dressing so well while working at home. It takes discipline.

  10. Kelly

    I too adore the dress, but what really stood out (from unavailability of so many items) is that you regularly shop your closet. How have I never noticed before? It made me realize that I have been wearing the same things repeatedly this winter. I promise to shop my closet for the rest of the week and get some “new” items in the rotation.

  11. Allie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Sal, you are totally rocking it with this look! Watch out or I may come to Minnesota and steal these pieces from you! 🙂