Dressed for: The Jackpot

Already Pretty outfit featuring cognac leather jacket, high-low hem dress, brown suede boots, Foley + Corinna Mid-City Tote, chunky chain necklace

Jacket – eBaysimilar – budget
Dress – courtesy Karen Kane (no longer available) – similar shapesimilar colors
Tights – Spanx
Boots – Envy Footwear Katima (no longer available) – similar
Bag – Mid-City Tote courtesy Foley + Corinna
Necklace – Sash – similar
Earrings – Urban Outfitters (no longer available) – similar

Once, I had a cognac leather moto and it fit me really strangely. Since I’d spent some bucks on it, I kept it for several years before finally accepting that the long arms and odd shoulders were always going to bug me, and that tailoring was going to be costly and risky. So I put it on consignment. And then this fall happened and about a dozen outfits came to mind that would’ve looked perfect with a cognac leather jacket, so I began the search for a replacement. But it took me until very recently to find and nab this one on eBay. It’s from Victoria’s Secret originally (who knew?) and is just the color I wanted – that surprisingly hard to find ruddy reddy brown. Also love that it’s somewhere between a blazer and a jacket, so ideal for indoor wintry wear. Jackpot.

Anyone else willing to spend months looking for the absolute perfect item before pouncing?

P.S. I know this dress looks absolutely paper thin in these photos, but it’s really not! The hem is single-layer, but everywhere else is doubled and actually quite cozy. Just couldn’t resist the shots showing the wintry breeze in my hem.


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14 Responses to “Dressed for: The Jackpot”

  1. Heidi B

    Well, I don’t consider shopping nabbing or pouncing, but yeah, I’ll wait for months to get something I want if I know it will go on sale and am confident my size will still be available.
    You’re very brave to mix those leathers/suede in all those colors!

  2. Tragic Sandwich

    Great outfit–and yes, I’ve done the same thing. Several years ago I wanted a brown skirt. They were nowhere to be found. Lots of brown slacks, all in fabrics that would have been fantastic in a skirt, but no skirts.

    Finally, I found one priced well above what I wanted to pay–but it was the color I wanted, it fit, and it went with a range of things I already had. But you know what? I had trouble wearing it because I had spent so much more than I was comfortable with. I still have buyer’s remorse over it. That hasn’t always been the case, but it turned out that way with this skirt.

  3. Anamarie

    I’m always on the search for the perfect this or that. I’m willing to put in the time, because if it meets all my expectations, it saves money in the long run. I won’t spend more money settling for something that’s less than ideal.

    Side note – this outfit is SO amazing. Probably my all-time Sally favorite. I would kill for that dress. I also like to wear dresses like this year around!

  4. Deborah Boland

    If anyone ever wanted proof that wearing the right colors to suit your skin and hair can make you come alive, they need to see this post. You look radiant!

  5. Gisele

    Sally, you look so beautiful! And the blue bag and the chain necklace are genius little surprises that make this outfit zing.

  6. Shawna

    Oh I love the dress! I love your boots too! The whole outfit looks great and I would wear it in the non-leather jacket version. Not because I don’t like the leather jacket but because I cannot stand the feel of structured jackets. I would do a cardigan instead.

    When I shop I do it three ways. One way is to browse with my taste and needs in mind and pick up things that I love and know will work with what I already have. Another way is to have some things in my head that I am always on the look out for and would gram at just about any price if I saw them because the opportunity would be so rare. (Okay not really any price, but it wouldn’t have to be on sale.) And then there are the impulse buys. I probably don’t need it, but I saw it, fell in love with it and it will work for me. it is probably on sale.

  7. Versatile Style by Tracey

    I searched for a year for my cognac faux leather jacket as I needed just the right shade to work with two different shades of boots… I love this one and your entire outfit. It is among my favorites of yours!!! I love the collar on your jacket, it really works well for you!!!!

  8. LIz

    Gosh, Sally, you look wonderful here! I love the way the brown-red of the jacket and the turquoise of your bag reflect in the pattern of the dress.
    And have I ever looked for months (try years!) for the perfect item? Absolutely I have.
    Oddly, the thing I’m looking for usually appears out of the blue, or by accident, when I’m least expecting it.
    Love your look. But as a former resident of western New York, now enduring an unusually cold winter in Virginia, I can only say–go inside! warm up!!

  9. Laurel H

    Another fab way to wear brown. Duly noted.

    I must have spent over two years looking for the perfect faux-wrap, fit and flare, black jersey, knee-length sleeveless dress. Finally found one thrifting, from the Danish brand Jackpot. (Appropriate for your post title!) It has cap sleeves, not sleeveless, but it’s close enough.

  10. TexasAggieMom

    What a great outfit, especially against the perpetual background of white that you’ve had to contend with this season! I love the bright print dress, and wish I had the courage to mix in a blue bag with those boots. It looks so right when you do it, and every time I try to un-match my footwear and purse I stop myself before leaving the house.

    I do keep a “hunt list” of items I’m searching for; it seems to help prevent impulse buying, and reminds me to buy few items of greater quality. As the winter sales dwindle down, I’m still searching for the perfect pair of Clark’s waterproof boots, some plum colored jeans or cords and a thin, winter-white wool turtleneck. Too late to find these in my size in-store or on-line, so these three items will be at the top of my hunt list for next fall. I’ll try to thrift the pants, use coupons or a sale to score the t-neck from Ann Taylor, JCrew or similar, and pay full price for the boots if I can find the perfect pair.