Dressed for: The Last of Bare Legs

Already Pretty outfit featuring cobalt blue knit moto jacket, neon lace skirt, magenta suede pumps

Cobalt knit moto – garage sale – similar material – similar color
Skirt – Anthropologie via eBaysimilar
Pumps – Madewell (no longer available) – similar
Earrings – MIA gift shopsimilar

The weather around here has been a real mixed bag lately, with freezing sleet followed by mild sunshine. However, since they’re predicting 3-5″ of snow for tomorrow (grrrooooan), I think it’s about time I squeezed in my final bare-legged outfits for the season and resigned myself to the oncoming winter.

This is a color combo I’d been trying to nail all summer. Cobalt, citron, and magenta work so well together, but I couldn’t seem to get the mix right until I landed on this outfit. The moto was a summertime garage sale purchase and I’m just thrilled with it!


Already Pretty outfit featuring black CAbi moto jacket, thrifted crossback dress, black Coclico boots, chunky chain necklace

Moto – CAbisimilar
Dress – thrifted – similar – similar print
Boots – Coclico via eBaymore Coclico boots
Necklace – Sash — similar
Earrings – Noir via Ideeli – similar

Another moto fave, this one has a design feature that so many others lack: It looks amazing worn open. I love motos with my whole heart, but far too many of them look great only when they’re zipped up! This heavy knit version has pointed ends and a princess-seam-like zipper detail that help it look equally great zipped and unzipped. Hallelujah.


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8 Responses to “Dressed for: The Last of Bare Legs”

  1. Tabie

    I turned my eyes back on the screen and was immediately stunned by this outfit. I love it!! Gorgeous combo on a beautiful lady. You give me courage to go bold and remind me to be confident.

  2. Lady Harriet

    I loved your blue knit jacket so much the last time you posted it that I put one on my clothing wishlist, assuming it might take ages to ever find one in my price range. (I get almost all my clothing secondhand.) Happily, I came upon a black knit motorcycle jacket in my size at Goodwill only a few weeks later, so now I have one of my own. 🙂

  3. Eleanorjane

    Ooh, love both of those! Great colour combo in the first one (and you look lovely in bright blue) and amazing hourglass shaping with the jacket in the second one. Nice work!

  4. LaChina

    I love the black and gray!!! I finally found a cute moto jacket and this outfit is an inspiration. Thank You!

  5. Kerstin

    You are a vision in Svenksa colors!!! You are speaking my language! I now must put a cotton m-jacket on my list!!! Oh how I love diagonal zippers and lines. I admit I love winter. I can’t wait for the snow. Sorry Sal.

  6. Ann

    You look great in the moto jacket and full skirt combo. This is one of my favorite shapes too. So comfortable and always looks good and you do look beautiful!

    blue hue wonderland