Dressed for: The Law

Already Pretty outfit featuring magenta cardigan, purple ponte dress, burgundy belt, leopard print pumps, stretch bracelets

Cardigan – Patagonia
Dress- Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar – longer hemline
Belt, via eBay
Bracelets, Target
Earrings, Swirly Keen courtesy April Kawaoka
Leopard pumps – Anne Klein Watchit

Recently, I spoke to a group of women at a local law firm. The presentation took place over their lunch hour, and I chatted with them about the basics of traditional figure-flattery. Knowing I’d be far away and back behind a podium, I loaded on the color! They were a terrific audience with loads of great questions and we had a fabulous time chatting.

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12 Responses to “Dressed for: The Law”

  1. Mia

    Ooh, the berry color of that cardigan is perfectamundo. (Sorry, it’s the end of the work day and I’m feeling a bit punchy.) I have to keep my eyes peeled for some berry shades for fall…

  2. Ashe @ Ash in Fashion

    You know, I have a reader request: how to wear cardigans to not feel frumpy! I just bought a few, and while I’m sure I look better than I think I do, I always worry that I’m coming off a bit marm-ish. Even in a leopard print one!

      • Jenni

        i feel this way in/about cardigans too. i’m doing an experiment this fall: going cardigan-free and trying other kinds of layering. but sally always looks great in them!

        • Ashe @ Ash in Fashion

          I’m so glad to see I’m not alone in feeling that way! I actually just bought a few, after not owning any sweaters for the past few years. (I live in New Orleans, so I can kind of get away without them.) There was a great deal though, so I though, “I’m always bitching in the winter about not having a cardigan…well, here I go!”

          Only now I’m not sure about them.

  3. Allie

    I LOVE THIS. What a great color combination. I think I will wear it tomorrow.

  4. Playing With Scarves

    Hi Sally,
    Just discovered your blog. What a nice blog!
    I really this color combination. A perfect match for fall. As I am a brunette with dark skin, I’ll have to try it. Not sure it will work on me. But on you, it’s really pretty. I also love very much your belt with your dress. Lovely. I would maybe add on a scarf (pink maybe?).
    All the best,

  5. Jen

    This is the perfect outfit to capture to attention of a crowd! The bright and rich colors complement each other perfectly. 🙂

  6. Marsha Calhoun

    I just love this outfit. Perfect for your audience, and perfect for you. The colors are such a delight!

  7. Charlotte

    I have a reader request: With the change of seasons what about linen? I love linen and some of my heavier linen pieces, that are a darker color, I hate putting away until Spring, but I think “no this should not be worn in the winter”. So what are the “rules” about fabrics?
    Thanks and I love your blog-you have been inspiring me for quite some time.

  8. Sal

    Hi Charlotte! It really depends on your own preferences. If you have linen pieces that are in dark colors, they can probably blend into some fall ensembles, especially if you live in a warm climate. Personally, I put my linen away by mid-September because it really does feel like a seasonal fabric to me. I also reserve velvet for the dead of winter. But you can decide for yourself how you feel about fabrics that are traditionally seasonal!