Dressed for: The Return of Cobalt

Already Pretty outfit featuring Von Vonni convertible dress, cobalt wrap dress, espadrilles, silver stretch bracelets, brushed silver earrings

Convertible dress – Von Vonni via Fab.com – more Von Vonni on eBay
Espadrilles – gift – similar
Bracelets – Goldy + Macsimilar
Earrings – a vendor at Midtown Global Marketsimilar

If memory serves, cobalt was the “color of the season” about three seasons back. Guess what? Multiple magazines have declared it the color of the season for this coming fall. Everything in fashion is speeding up, including the time it takes for a trend to appear, disappear, and reappear. Lucky for me, I just kept on wearing cobalt the whole danged time, oblivious and happy.

Do you monitor the seasonally trendy colors, or just wear your own preferred palette? (In case you’re curious, here’s a snapshot of the Pantone report for fall! Lots of lovely jewel tones and rich neutrals in there.)


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11 Responses to “Dressed for: The Return of Cobalt”

  1. Mia

    I’m honestly not even sure what the “Pantone report” means–is this like predicting the weather, or are they trying to get us excited about the colors that somebody decided would be hot? I’m woefully undereducated about how these things work, I guess. That cobalt looks beautiful on you–one of those colors I admire on others but which never seems to quite work on me. I’ll just keep wearing the colors I’m drawn to!

    • Michelle...

      I’m stumped as to how they work too! Is there a “spring” version for the Southern Hemisphere?!

  2. Monica H

    Lovely! I do monitor the color trends, but mostly only so I know when to stock up on the colors I love. Looking forward to picking up a few fun cobalt items this year! When colors I don’t like are everywhere, then it’s time to stick to neutrals in my purchased, but wear the colorful items in my closet.

  3. Anna

    I’ll take cobalt any time, any season, any year, in or out of fashion. It’s me.

  4. DocP

    I monitor the trendy colors so I can hunt for replacements for worn shoes, t shirts etc. They are much easier to find when the color is on trend. I wear what I like.

  5. Cassie

    Like others on here, I buy and wear what I like. That said, I usually grab at least one piece in the season’s hottest color because I really like incorporating color into my mostly neutral wardrobe. When the “hot” color is one of my favorite colors – emerald green and cobalt definitely among my favorites, then I usually purchase more to stock up for when those colors are not as readily available in stores.

    The cobalt dress is fantastic on you – flatters your body and your skin tone!


  6. CeeBa

    I’m a long time reader, first time commenter because I have to say–wow! I love the way you tied that dress! I have a similar convertible dress that I love experimenting with. How did you make this one work?? Do you mind walking us through the tying steps?

  7. Morgann

    I’m obsessed with a cobalt pump in suede right now. Royal blue is always in! Is that one of those dresses that you can convert to several different necklines? Looks fun!


    PS>>I’m doing a lovely easy-peasy giveaway on my blog this week!

  8. Ann

    This dress and color is beautiful on you. I agree fashion and preferences change so quickly, as soon as you get something you like, styling moves on. I’m finding I just wear what I like and let it be. This dress can be worn for years, it looks perfectly suited for you!

    blue hue wonderland