Dressed for: The Way-back Machine

Already Pretty outfit featuring drapey vest, LAMade tunic, Karen Kane faux leather leggings, Maxstudio booties, J.Crew rhinestone bracelet

Vest – eBaysimilar
Tunic – LAMade (no longer available) – similar details
Faux leather leggings – courtesy Karen Kane
Booties – Maxstudio (no longer available) – similar shape
Earrings – courtesy JustFab (no longer available) – similar
Bracelet – J.Crew via eBay –  similar items

Have you heard that Mr. Peabody and Sherman are making a comeback? Can you tell I’m trying to distract you from this pre-fall-color outfit shot? Bear with me, friends. Still getting caught up!

This was another ensemble that incorporated a couple of quirky and underutilized pieces. The drapey vest was a long-ago eBay purchase and those sculptural booties haven’t been getting nearly enough love. As I mentioned in this month’s newsletter, booties are my fall and winter personal style challenge, so you’ll be seeing more of them in the coming months, too.

Have you set any dressing or style challenges for yourself this season? Making any progress?


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13 Responses to “Dressed for: The Way-back Machine”

  1. marsha calhoun

    I think you’ve done well with this outfit. And reading it reminds me of a niggling question – why do the names of women’s clothes (e.g., booties, rompers) so often seem infantile? I can understand the rather weird and slightly disturbing rationale behind the old-fashioned baby-doll pajamas, but must we continue this? Are there more adult-sounding terms for short boots and one-piece recreational attire that don’t sound stuff or overly PC? Should I just stop worrying about it (probably)?

  2. Rebecca

    I love this look so much! I’ve also been struggling to work some low boots/booties into my fall rotation. It’s required a bit of a sartorial and mental sift, but I’m digging it. Thanks for all you do!

  3. jb

    New but already devoted fan. Here is my delema – we just moved from the Bay Area (CA) to New Hampshire. Yikes. And I am already sick of my 3 or 4 warm sweaters. Need I note the date? I bought a long (thin and wool) sweater that I love but I can’t wear it every day….and I am cold….should I buy a long sleaved smart wool top or something to wear under everything? I want to keep with the brighter, lighter colors I’ve been wearing….I have all these skirts too but they are thin – silk – can I do those in winter with tights? I have great tall boots I splurged on….I am struggling!

  4. K

    To Jb-
    I grew up in NH, as did much of my family for generations, and would like to offer you some tips.
    – New Hampshirites wear long underwear under everything in the winter, tops and bottoms.
    – More over, we love to layer! Layering means you can adapt easily when going inside/outside and to keep up with temperature fluctuations throughout the day.
    – We also don’t notice/care if you repeat garments frequently as generally we’re not that into fashion.
    – So, while you can feel inclined to purchase more warm sweaters, don’t feel you have to purchase lots of new clothes.
    – Good places for getting long underwear/warm long layering pieces include LLBean (6 outlets in state plus HQ in Freeport, ME), Wintersilks (online; freq rec by Sally) and Kittery Trading Post in Kittery, ME, which is honestly one of the best places for quality, super warm, affordable winter everything (hats, mittens, warm socks, weatherproof boots, warm inner and outer layers, parkas, sporting equip, everything, it’s a Northern New England frequent shopping destination for a reason).
    – if you do want more warm sweaters, places like LLBean, Kittery Trading Post and local independent shops (not nearly as expensive as Cali boutiques, and often good products & salespeople; look on town’s main streets) have great selections.

    I would also recommend the following advice;
    1) get outerwear (coats, boots, mittens, etc) that is designed to be worn in cold weather. From what I’ve found from college friends that grew up in CA, often Cali outerwear, even though said to be good in colder temps, isn’t made for temps below 50. Conversely, if you get outerwear designed to go to say 0 degrees, you’ll be much warmer and in better condition for those days when it’s 20 out.
    2) if your feet are cold or wet, the rest of you will be cold. Having waterproof boots & warm socks is essential. Check out aforementioned LLBean and Kittery Trading Post and also local, independent/non-national shoe stores who have shoe salespeople that know their products. My favorite shoe store is Joe King’s on Main St in Concord. Independent shoe sellers also carry good socks.
    3) NH doesn’t use yelp hardly at all, esp compared to CA, but if you want reviews for best of places, check out award winners from local magazines and newspapers, eg Yankee Magazine, NH magazine.
    4) try to get outside for a few minutes every day or at least take a walk a few times a week. It will get your body acclimated to the colder/changing weather gradually, keep away cabin fever, and keep your circulation going which keeps you much warmer, too.
    5) I’ve since moved out of NH for work, but I hope you come to love the Granite State! Like Already Pretty, it’s a creative, down to earth place with a good community. Enjoy!

    • LIz

      Jb, as a long-time former resident of Western New York State, I second K’s long underwear suggestion.
      Jockey has some very warm (not sweaty) modal underwear that is very comfortable. It’s light-weight and goes on smoothly under clothing.
      Also try the DuoFold and Calida brands. Duofold does cotton and wool blend, Calida does wool and silk blend (might be scratchy if you have any wool sensitivities).
      Calida brand long underwear is thin and usually fits well under close-fitting clothing. It’s made in Europe, so it can be pricey, but I’ve bought it quite reasonably on line at sale sites.
      DuoFold is my personal fave for heavier but very comfy and warm underwear. It used to be made in Utica, New York, but now is made abroad, I think, so you have to search for this brand on line, too.
      Vermont Country Store has some interesting-looking Australian merino wool long underwear advertised this season that I’m going to try.
      Even though I live in Virginia now, I’m always cold in the winter. Long underwear is the best thing I’ve found for keeping body temperature at a bearable level.

  5. LP

    Stylin’! Great shapes, and you look great in these colors. In combination with your dark hair, your skin just (enviously) glows.

    Thank you for the ongoing inspiration with respect to style and body image. You’ve helped me tremendously.

  6. Lisa

    Very urban. This would look great in SF, not that it doesn’t look great where you are of course:).