Dressed for: The Weather, Not the Season

Already Pretty outfit featuring leather motorcycle jacket, plaid dress, red tights, wedge boots, stud belt

Leather jacket, Levi’s via Amazon (no longer available) – similar
Plaid shirt dress, Land’s End Canvas  (no longer available) – similar
Tights, Express (no longer available) – similar
Boots, Kork-Ease via eBay (no longer available) – similar
Belt, a boutique in SF – similar
Earrings, Noir via Ideeli – similar

I’m still aggravated at the thought of reverting to tights after weeks of bare legs, but sometimes you’ve gotta dress for the weather instead of the season. I’d rather be irked about pulling on a pair of tights than miserable due to frozen legs.

Are you being forced to dress for changeable or unseasonable weather right now, too?

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23 Responses to “Dressed for: The Weather, Not the Season”

  1. Kelly

    Not only dressing for the weather, but having to turn the furnace back on after having shut it off for two weeks!

  2. Gracey at Fashion for Giants

    You look great. I love every single one of these pieces (especially the boots; I’m such a boots-fiend) and love them together.

    Sorry it’s still cold in MN. It’s not great here either – I am wearing sandals today but I’m basically regretting it because it’s really not warm enough.

  3. Megan Mae

    This is a fabulous look! I chose to freeze today. Well, not quite chose, but the weather said 70 for the high and it was probably more like 52. Glad I stuck a sweater in my bag!

  4. Marie

    If I had that dress I’d be totally thrilled with tights! We did have a small weather change to cooler but nothing big. I enjoyed it because I am dreading a long hot summer here.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  5. Candi

    You look fantastic!

    We are on the other side of the world here and making the most of a rather warm day to go to the pool!

  6. Anne

    We are just finally getting some seasonally warm weather here in Northern Ca. Most of our “spring” has been cool and rainy and very often our fall is hot. It does make dressing in a way that’s appropriate to the season challenging. In the spring when it’s wet, I try to take comfort in the fact that our state is always hard up for water. Warm falls mean that I can enjoy being outdoors longer than most people.

    The real inconvenience with variable weather is that I never seem to have quite the right article of clothing at my fingertips ant the right time. I was not blessed with a big walk-in closet or a husband who wanted to give over his share of the closet to me. My “Off Season” things go in the spare room closet or under the bed. I seem to spend a lot of my time in May and November shuttling clothes back and forth between these areas. I suppose if I get really tired of it, I could just edit my wardrobe to only the pieces that will make do in any season. What fun is that?

  7. Rocquelle

    Love that dress with the moto jacket…so cute! In Houston we’re currently fluctuating between Spring and Summer; I prefer the Spring days :-).

  8. Mel@VasiliasVintage

    I love, love that plaid dress, Sal! Love the tights, too! You look so fierce in boots!

    Yes – I’ve still been dressing in my winter wear here in San Diego, although today it was around 77 degrees, so I tend to change clothes a couple times a day!

  9. reva

    i finally found a jacket just like that! It’s a weird season, isn’t it!

  10. Terri

    I was obliged to revert to tights today…and it had been long enough since I’d worn them to have forgotten that they were the kind that creep down. I was 75 minutes into a lecture and could not wait for the break!

  11. M

    It’s going to be 90 by friday for me! Last week it was only 55. The weather’s been up and down all year, so I can never retire any part of my wardrobe!

  12. Rachel

    I definitely have to dress for the weather (I have yet to do bare legs this year, Seattle just hasn’t been warm enough) but I try to at least nod to the season at the same time. So lately I’ve been wearing a lot of light grey and colored tights, instead of the black and charcoal ones I wear during the winter. Light cardigans with spring-y dresses or tops (lots of floral, and brighter colors) are also getting a lot of play. I seem to be especially hung up on the seasonal dressing this year, which sometimes gets annoying. The other day was rainy and cold and I wanted to wear a cozy outfit but it felt weird to me, so I switched it out for something else.

  13. T.

    Spring is the hardest season to dress for, weather wise. This looks cute. The colors are cheerful, and the blue in that dress makes it look spring-y rather than autumn-y.

  14. Nuranar

    Ugh, yes, it’s chilly even down here. Today it’s just now getting back up to where it was before the front came through; and then another, and stronger, front is coming Friday. Saturday I’ll be in a sweater and heavy jacket!

    25-30 degree temperature swings during the day don’t help, either. It’s difficult to dress when the morning temps say “coat and gloves” and the afternoon is all “bare arms and legs.”

  15. Celynne

    The weather here is absolutely nutty. One day it’s thunderstorms and 30’C and the next is snow flurries around -2’C! It’s ridiculous. Bare arms and legs one date, jackets and wool tights the next. I absolutely love this outfit though, the red tights are great and I really dig the leather jacket, it all looks fantastic on you!

  16. Ruth

    I have to say, I totally don’t get the “dressing for the season” thing. Maybe it’s because I live in southern California and we don’t get the traditional four seasons. I always dress for the weather, and I wear whatever colors I want whenever I want to wear them!

    What kills me is that clothes are marketed the same all around the country, all dictated by what’s going on in New York. New York has fall in September, so Angelenos are supposed to buy coats? When it’s still hot? And we’re supposed to be wearing darker colors? When it’s still HOT? WTF???

  17. Darlene

    I am in Chicago and don’t have any idea how to dress for the up-and-down weather we’ve been having! We’ve been having a lot of days where the forecast gives a temperature for most of the region but then adds “cooler near the lake,” which is where I live and work. “Cooler” might mean a difference of 5 degrees or 20! I don’t bother with the forecast any more; I step outside and figure out if I feel cold or not!

    We’ve also had a couple of what the weather forecasters call “pneumonia fronts,” where the day starts out nice, gets up to 60 or 70, and then plunges suddenly by 20 to 30 degrees.

    The only solution I’ve found is lots and lots of layering, and I’m constantly stripping off layers and putting them back on all day long.

    I don’t mind having to wear tights and boots with skirts right now, as we sort of skipped over spring entirely back during our March heat wave and thus went from winter wear directly to bare arms and legs.

  18. FutureLint

    I love that dress! It’s hard to find a plaid dress that isn’t too school-girlish or too grungy. I opted to freeze my legs off and it was, well, miserable!

  19. Eleanorjane

    Yes! Back into winter clothes – I’ve just started a new job and I don’t have enough jumpers (sweaters). Hopefully it’ll warm up again soon…

  20. Robin

    Funny you should mention that – my last blog post was about this very subject! I had to wear a wintery outfit the other day as well.