Dressed for: Thinking Spring

Already Pretty outfit featuring magenta belted ponte dress, chrysanthemum scarf, gray Tsubo Acrea, Marc by Marc Jacobs turnlock bag

Dress – Target
Scarf – Bibelot (no longer available) – similar colors
Tights – Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Shoes – Tsubo Acrea
Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs via eBay – more turnlock bags
Bracelets – Bibelot – similar look
Earrings – courtesy Silver Speck

A few days after Christmas, Husband Mike starts saying, “It’s almost spring!” Which is hilarious because spring will likely arrive mid-May, but I love his positive thinking. And I’ve started to want to incorporate some lighter tones into my outfits, like these lavender tights and this bright floral scarf.

Are you starting to think spring? Or is it already spring where you live? (It’s coming on fall for you Southern Hemi folks, right?)


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22 Responses to “Dressed for: Thinking Spring”

  1. Kristin

    I’m definitely thinking of spring. Last Sunday I found myself driving to work at 5 am with heavy snow coming down and icy roads (I work in a hospital so missing work even due to bad weather isn’t really an option). After being an hour late getting to work because of this, it warms up *just* enough that it was all melted by lunchtime. Needless to say, I felt like I’d been trolled by mother nature. So yes, spring can get here at any time! I’m looking forward to experimenting with clothes for a different season anyway 🙂

  2. Amber

    The highs here are in the high-60s to mid-70s now. It’s spring. Hallelujah, it’s spring. I’ve mentally put the heavy sweaters away, so if there were a cold snap and I had to wear one, I would not be happy at this point.


  3. Michelle

    We’ve just had a few cooler days down here (Christchurch, New Zealand) and just yesterday heard someone say “autumn is almost here!”.

    I’m actually kinda ready for autumn. I find it so much easier to dress for that season than any of the others.

  4. D

    I have definitely been thinking spring, and Denver likes to tease me with gorgeous days, and then snow. Oh well. I love those tights!

  5. Amber

    I bought this dress and I loved it so much I had to get it in another color. I originally had trouble deciding what color tights to wear, and ended up with olive, which looks surprisingly awesome. I heart those tights – I want more patterned ones in my wardrobe.

  6. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    I am trying very hard to think sweaters and boots for a few more weeks! But not to be, here in the sunny South . . . So I am really loving this season-less dress. Great shape and color!

  7. Sophia

    It’s still summer here in NZ, but I’ve been thrifting Autumn clothes this week :o)

  8. Halo

    This looks lovely. I have those Tsubos in three colors, and now I’m coveting the grey. So pretty!

  9. Elizabeth

    Not going to see spring until late April early May at the soonest. I am actually feeling a little bummed seeing all of the spring stuff arriving in stores and know it is at least 2 months or more before I can wear any of it!

  10. VaMarcy

    It’s always kind of spring-like here in southern Arizona…where I have to be creative with lightweight–but darker colored–fabrics, in layers. We did actually have a week of winter-like temps in January!

  11. J Beresford

    It’s still very much summer here in Canberra, Australia today. 35 celsius (which I think is around 95 farenheit?) So I am in more more than a tank top and short, cotton skirt and what we call ‘thongs’ (which to us is a ‘g-string’) but you guys in the north call ‘flip-flops’.
    Colloquialisms can be a barrier to communication sometimes. I once had a conversation with a girl in Southampton in the UK telling her that in summer we Aussies spend a lot of time wearing not much else but our thongs – you should have seen the look on her face until I explained what I meant!
    Just as you can’t wait for spring I can’t wait until I can wear my knee-high boots, jackets and leggings and get out my scarves!
    Those jewel toned pinks are great on you btw.

    • Dee

      Thanks for the laugh– re the “thong” story. Growing up in the US we also called them thongs too, or flip flops, but that was really before they made “underwear thongs” so there was no confusion back then!!

  12. jamie

    Also living in Southern AZ…I actually wish it would get a bit colder! I’m still wearing my winter sweaters to work because it’s always air conditioned, but when I went for a walk outside at lunch, that sun was intense! I’m still enjoying wearing winter clothes until it hits the 90s, or April. 😉

  13. T.

    I am still enjoying my winter wear, although I did buy a spring-color scarf a few weeks ago that I am eager to wear! But not yet. It’s still too cold.

    I love your patterned tights. When I try to wear patterned tights, it looks like I have a skin condition, so I stick with solids.

  14. Lissa

    I love the dress! I need a good black dress with sleeves that’s about knee length—If you don’t mind my asking, how tall are you, and what size is the dress (if you know if this is a dress that gets shorter as the sizes go down)?

  15. Val C-MN

    Being a born-and-bred Southerner living here in the Tundra of the Midwest (aka Minnesota….aka Wintersota), I longingly listen to my relatives tell me about the 60’s – 70’s they are having the latter part of this week. Needless to say, I want Spring to hurry here (or at least some of the milder Winter weather of last year). However, with possibly bad weather this weekend, I see my want is a little hopeless right now…LOL

  16. Skaapie

    I’m in Cape Town and it’s still going to be Summer for quite a while here. Hooray! I’m a hot weather girl completely, so all Autumn thoughts get banished until at least April. 🙂

  17. Lucy

    Nope. I live in the UK where the shops fill with tiny floral or pastel tea dresses, denim shorts and strappy sandals for 7 months of the year for S/S and then it rains for 80% of the summer and is actually warm for about 3 days. I feel like I can’t buy anything I can actually wear all season. And it snows right into March!

  18. Michelle

    Love everything about this outfit! Those tights are so cute! Well, I’m in New England and we’re getting ready for this crazy blizzard, so I cannot wait for spring, counting down the days, le sigh 🙂

  19. Dee

    I am in Chicago so no spring here for months! If we even get a spring! If we are lucky we get a few spring like days in April, and May, and then boom it gets HOT! (if we are lucky…sometimes June is cold-ish and rainy.) Actually the past 2 winters have been on the mild side…but that just means we didnt have many zero degree days or crazy wind chills, its still COLD. I do enjoy winter clothes, ALL clothes actually (thats why I enjoy this blog).Having a wardrobe for all four seasons is fun but takes up lots of closet space. I usually start to wear somewhat lighter colors and fabrics around march — still have to layer though to stay warm.