Dressed for: Trouble

Already Pretty outfit featuring black leather harness belt, cross-back black dress, polka dot pumps, Rebecca Minkoff Logan Crossbody, spike necklace, onyx earrings

Dress – thrifted – similar – similar print
Harness belt – Audra Jean
Pumps – Nine West
Necklace – stolen from my mom – similar
Earrings – Lulidesignssimilar
Studded wrap bracelet – Streets Ahead via Ideeli – similar
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Logan Crossbody via eBay

Another from the archive of unusual and underutilized items! My black Audra Jean harness belt is like reversible bodice tailoring, I swear. This little thrifted dress looked cute and fit relatively well without it, but add in the harness and it’s va-va-voom, as they say. I look like I’m about to start some trouble in a saloon somewhere, no?

I failed to get a shot of the back of this dress, but it has low-cut, criss-crossed straps that make bra choice tricky. I ended up trying out this strapless, backless sticky bra from Target, and it worked like a charm. It offers virtually no support and only goes to a D cup, so definitely not a universal solution. But boy was it perfect with the extra lift from the harness. And with sticky pads on the sides instead of inside the cups, it was surprisingly comfortable, too!

Finally, check out those subtle double dots: Dress and shoes. YES.


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18 Responses to “Dressed for: Trouble”

  1. Kelly

    You look ravishing Sally, and the look on your face! Why yes, you look like you’ll be up to plenty of trouble, young lady (said in my best, haughty old lady voice)!

  2. Maggie

    OK, that has to be one of my favorite all time quotes from this blog:
    I look like I’m about to start some trouble in a saloon somewhere, no?
    Too too funny! Plus actually, yes you do.

  3. Audi

    Wow, this has got to be the most perfect outfit I’ve seen put together with that harness. Every element is impeccable, from the sweet polka dot shoes to the chic oversized bag. Excellent styling Sal, and you look gorgeous in it!

  4. sue

    “I look like I’m about to start some trouble in a saloon somewhere, no?”

    It’s a cute outfit but I have to say no to this statement…I don’t think most saloon girls have cute accessories and styled hair..

  5. Yummy mummy

    Sally, this one is my favourite of your outfits, perhaps not as colourful as some of the others, but it’s flattery with a bit of edge and the matchy matchy dots are happening…

  6. Mia

    Ditto to all the above comments: you look SMASHING. Yowza! I’d love to see the back of it next time–I’ve got a winter dress that’s got cross-straps in the back so I have to get a bit creative to make it work-appropriate, and I’m curious about other dresses that are similarly tricky.

  7. Monica

    Sal, is that dress from Express/Limited? I swear I owned it way back in the 90s. Considering how great it looks on you, I wish I still did!