Dressed for: Unified Accents

Already Pretty outfit featuring mustard cardigan, turquoise eShakti dress, red studded belt, red glass vintage necklace, chunky silver bracelet, red flats

Cardigan – JCPenney (no longer available) – similar
Dress – eShakti (no longer available) – similar shape
Belt – Walgreenssimilar
Flats – BC Footwear Limousine
Necklace – thrifted – similar
Bracelet – thrifted – similar
Earrings – Urban Outfitters (no longer available) – similar

Someday soon I’ll pen a post in defense of matchy. Yes, I know it’s not the “in” thing to match your necklace, belt, and shoes. But look how unified this outfit is because of that repetition! It may not suit everyone, but I feel like a hearty dose of matchy-matchy can be a fun way to pull your outfits together.

Anyone with me? Are you a fan of matchy accessories? Or do you prefer that they “go” instead of match?


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13 Responses to “Dressed for: Unified Accents”

  1. Mia

    I don’t have a wide enough range of accessories to do matchy-matchy a lot of the time, but when I do, it can be very satisfying.

    (Speaking of matchy, in the first pic you look like you’ve got a pine cone in your hair!)

  2. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    I don’t have a strong feeling about it, but having been brought up on “must match”, I like to have my accessories “go”. Having said that, you look fab! : >

  3. Anne

    I love matchy-matchy! I adore your take on it. The colors are so unexpected together and I think the red accessories announce that this combination is intentional. Sometimes when nothing matches, I wonder what the person was thinking. To me, repetition gives an outfit rhythm. Yours makes me look from head to toe (literally). Good job!

  4. Adria Clark

    Usually I would say ‘go’ instead of ‘match’, but this is pretty. I personally like wearing a red necklace and red shoes, but I think that works because they aren’t too close together, like you’ve demonstrated here. I can’t stand earrings that match a necklace, they are just too close in proximity, and is just too…obvious, I suppose; lacking in creativity. 🙂 Like people who think their shirt and pants should be the same color.

  5. Sara@MilwaukeeKitchen

    Love your blog and read everything! I am most impressed that you found what looks to be a great belt at Walgreens!!! Keep up the wonderful, fresh fashion ideas! Sara

  6. zahra

    I love matchy ! Especially in this case where it is paired with such vibrant colors! Also, I like how you repeated it three times instead of two, making it a very coherent look.

    Have a great week!


  7. Virginia

    I think they just match and it’s pretty. It strays into matchy-matchy when the dress and the cardigan are the same red as well.

  8. Kaye

    I don’t find this matchy-matchy because the dress and cardigan are not too “matchy” and the red accents are what bring them together.

    On another note, I had my eye on that turquoise dress (after seeing the ads on your site!) and was so excited there was a dress place where you could order a custom length. I went back to get it and the TURQUOISE (and all other summery colors) were SOLD OUT!!! I guess I’m happy to see someone enjoying it…. sniff!

  9. No fear of fashion

    I love matchy / matchy, but I am told I should GO because it is more interesting. Let us say it depends. I think you are very right in saying that the three red items, equally far apart from each other (sort of) brings a rythm and by adding the orange cardigan you also included the GO.
    Well done. You look beautiful in this outfit.

  10. Linda L

    Oh, I’m the Queen of matchy matchy town. I have to struggle with myself to NOT match all my jewelry and accessories all the time. I think it rubbed off on my son – he doesn’t accessorize, but he loves to wear the same color top and bottom.

  11. Annie

    I do like matchy-matchy when I actually have the accessories for it. Outfits just look so much more unified! I will say though, I definitely think it’s possible to take it a little far (like my mom who prefers monochrome outfits and gets confused when I want to wear combos like yellow and purple). But to each their own!