Dressed for: Watercolors

Already Pretty outfit featuring burgundy ponte dress, Tsubo Acrea, Falke tights, Foley + Corinna Mid-City Tote, watercolor print scarf

Scarf – BeckSöndergaard via Jessica Rose
Dress – Target (no longer available) – similarbudget
Tights – Spanx
Shoes – Acrea courtesy Tsubo
Bag – Mid-City Tote courtesy Foley + Corinna
Earrings – Realia by Jen

I wore this to my dear friend Christina’s baby shower on a day considerably warmer than this! My watercolor-print scarf drew lots of compliments, and I’m eager to give it another outing. I’m pondering doing a month of scarf-inclusive outfits, either in December or January. Since I acquired bales of new scarves on the UK trip, I figure I should get ’em into rotation! Plus, I’m eternally cold and nothing keeps me cozy like a giant, lofty scarf.


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7 Responses to “Dressed for: Watercolors”

  1. Ignorant Awareness

    This is my favourite way to do watercolour prints- in autumnal/ jewel tones! As much as I pine for being able to look delicately feminine in pastel-coloured watercolours, I guess they just don’t suit my dark hair/ olive complexion mix (that, & they don’t really mesh with my bold/ ‘graphic’ style) 🙁

    Also, your comments here have got me thinking- have you read Angie’s recent post (on You Look Fab) about oversized scarves? What do you think of them, Sal- do they get a yay or nay from you?

  2. sarah

    oh man, nothing reminds me how great you look in plum/berry/burgundy like seeing you in a burgundy dress! I love the blue/green counterpoints in the bag and earrings and that scarf is *divine*. Wonderful outfit, Sally!

    Also, good to see you smiling again. I’ve been giving my little 14 year old Siamese some extra huggin’ this week. Thinking of you!

  3. Karen

    I wouldn’t have guessed that was a Target dress. It looks so structured and well tailored. Love it!

  4. Francine

    How did you tie that scarf? Is it a square? I love scarves & have lots, but the only ones I really know what to do with are the long skinny ones.