Dressed for: Weekend Brights

Already Pretty outfit featuring orchid purple boyfriend cardigan, coral dress, turquoise bubble necklace, gunmetal leather boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock bag

Cardigan – thrifted – similar color (pashmina plum)
Dress – courtesy Horny Toad (no longer available in this color) – same style
Necklace – GemPearls
Tights – courtesy Falke (no longer available) similar
Boots – courtesy Talbots (no longer available) – similar finish
Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs via eBay – more turnlock bags
Earrings – Target

I’ve been loving my black and white prints lately, but also trying to play with color. These three shades are a little dark to fall into the pastel category, but still light and bright enough to feel spring-y. With some gray accents and accessories, it felt just perfect for a weekend of fun and relaxation.

How do you feel about pastels? Will you wear them happily, or opt for slightly darker more saturated tones like these?


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13 Responses to “Dressed for: Weekend Brights”

  1. D

    I MUCH prefer saturated tones to pastels. I love the colors you are wearing today!

  2. laniza

    Does this outfit count as a triad? In any case, I love how the colors bounce off one another. I definitely favor bright colors, although I have quite a few pastels in my closet, too (mainly light pinks, blues, and greens).

  3. Irene E

    While I like it, I have to admit, my first reaction is that it reminds me of the Halloweentown movie where they drained all the color out of the town, and your outfit is in the middle of the process of going from colorful to grey. 😉

    That being said, I don’t do many pastels, but I’m more into jewel tones. Spring colors are difficult for me, but I do have some turquoise and light blue.

  4. Lynn

    No pastels for me, they make me look washed out. I love this outfit!

    Also, thanks so much for the ponte jackets. Those were great suggestions.

  5. Cassie

    I love the mix of colors!! I also like how you mixed your colors with grey instead of black. It gives your outfit a softer, more spring-y touch!


  6. Victoria

    You look great in colored outfits. I really like your style and how you match the colors in your outfits. You make it look simple yet fun at the same time. This is what I call effortless but looks really beautiful.

  7. Mistie

    I love this outfit so much! Pastels are not my favorite, but I think some people forget about the lovely range of saturation. Plus, you worked in maybe the coolest necklace ever.

  8. LinB

    I love pastels, but seldom wear them. My coloring demands saturated cool tones, preferably jewel tones, for me to look my best. My pale and pretty mama wears lots of pastels, and they suit her. My sister and I look like Death eating a graham cracker when we wear pastels.

  9. Sonia

    I am FAINT with DESIRE over those BOOTS! Er, I’m sure you asked some sort of question, but I am too distracted by my LUST FOR GUNMETAL BOOTS!!!