Dressed for: Whimsy

Already Pretty outfit featuring skater dress, striped sweater tights, patent leather combat boots, red leather backpack

Cashmere scarf, via Amazon (no longer available) – similar
Dress, Target (no longer available) – similar
Tights, Hue  (no longer available) – similar
Boots, John Fluevog Bill (no longer available) – similar
Bag, The Leather Store
Earrings, gift – similar
Bracelets, Bibelot – similar look

Nothing like a pair of stripy tights to inject some whimsy into an outfit. This pair is well over 10 years old and has held up remarkably well … though that might have something to do with relatively infrequent wear. I love patterned tights, but find solids far easier to style.

Are you a fan of patterned legwear?

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24 Responses to “Dressed for: Whimsy”

  1. aline

    You look fabulous! I don’t know where I’ve been, but I absolutely love you with short hair, it is very becoming on you!

  2. Aziraphale

    I WANT THOSE BOOTS! Is there better than black patent combat boots? I like the shape of the metal eyelets, too.

    Yes, I do love patterned tights, but some patterns work better than others. I picked up a pair of gray tights with a giant argyle pattern this past season, and I like them so much that I went back and got the same ones in brown. But when I wear them, they have to be the focal point of the outfit. Everything else has to be solid and subdued.

    I’ve had some spectacular misses, too. Last year I bought a pair of taupey-gray tights with a loose floral pattern, but when I put them on, they made it look like I had very hairy legs. Like, man hairy. Not good.

    • Anneesha

      Ha! I have an aversion to patterned hose; to me it looks like a skin disease. Opaque tights like this aren’t so bad (but I agree with the hairy leg thing. What’s cute/decorative in the pkg looks way different stretched out over curvy legs.

  3. Sarah

    I love my argyle tights. I want stripy ones, too, but I’m having trouble finding ones with colours that I like. My daughter has a pair of navy tights with red polka dots that I covet… but she is only six so I can’t steal them…

  4. Cynthia

    I went through a phase of wearing a lot of patterned tights a few years ago (when the rest of my wardrobe was still mostly dark solids). My favorite place to get patterned tights is Celeste Stein, they have hundreds of different patterns.

  5. Eboni

    I am a fan of patterned and colored tights, but alas, I do not know how to wear them *sigh*. I sit in admiration. LOL!!!

  6. Anjela

    I love this look! I pinned it for future inspiration. I am trying to get more crazy tights into my wardrobe. I bought every style of Missoni for Target tights I could find!

  7. T.

    CUTE! I have a pair of colorful striped tights which I wore when my children were very young (10 years ago). Now I worry they are too juvenile for a woman my age, buy you look so good and decidedly NOT juvenile that I’m thinking I should haul mine out again. Maybe this weekend!

  8. Megan Mae

    The tights are so cool. Honestly? I like my patterned tights way more than my solid ones. But I prefer “boring” neutrals and wild patterns, personally.

  9. Amber Hurd

    I love your outfit. You look awesome. I love how you used so many great colors with black. I love your boots and tights.

  10. Becky

    Love it! Looks like you are ready to kick some you-know-what!

    Also, the link to the dress you posted is the LBD I have been looking for…so thank you for that! I might just have to order it!!!

  11. E.

    I love this look! If I were a dress/skirt wearer, I’d totally wear it with funky tights and kick-ass boots.

  12. threegoodrats

    I love patterned legwear. Most of my clothing is solid (I am picky about patterns) so I sometimes used patterned tights to break it up a bit. Those ones are fantastic!

  13. Magatha May

    You look great in this! I love everything about this outfit – the colour of your scarf, your tights, the lace up boots, everything!