Dressed for: Wild Prints

Already Pretty outfit featuring vintage print dress, blue obi belt, yellow Kate Spade handbag, Kork-Ease Bette platform wedge sandals

Dress, vintage via Mighty Swell – more neon floral dresses
Wrap belt, Elizabeth Kelly
Wedges – Kork-Ease Bette
Bracelets, Target
Earrings, thrifted – similar
Bag, Kate Spade via eBay – similar

I am fully aware that the print on this dress is borderline garish. It combines seafoam and purply-blue with mustard, orchid, and neon pink and then says to me, “What? This all makes total sense. Especially the swirly bits.”

It’s been hanging in my closet all summer daring me to wear it, and I finally stepped up to the challenge, throwing a dark belt and neutral shoes into the mix in a feeble attempt to tame it. The last time I wore it was on the day I cut all my hair off, so it feels like a significant – if slightly hilarious – dress.

Do you own any prints that are so wild they seem to dare you to wear them?

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19 Responses to “Dressed for: Wild Prints”

  1. D

    I don’t think I have any prints that are quite that awesome, how fun! The swirly brightness makes total sense to me too.

  2. Megan Mae

    I think the dress is awesome! I love really bold things, I’m always drawn to the super crazy pieces. I don’t have a lot of bold prints in my closet, but I do have some very loud colors and weird cuts. Rock that print, Sally! It looks amazing on you.

  3. Gracey at Fashion for Giants

    That dress is amazing. I’ve found a few neon floral dresses while thrifting, but, sadly, none in my size. I think adding the navy obi belt and the neutral shoes is actually the perfect styling for this. You look great.

  4. Courtney

    Honestly if you didn’t mention the bold print, I would’ve thought it was floral! As a whole, it looks cohesive and not garish at all!

  5. Chris

    How funny! I thought you said borderline garnish. I was thinking that I don’t usually hear the word garnish in describing clothing but yeah, I can see it. Some of what I’ve seen in fancy food magazines looks more like artwork than it does chow.

    At any rate, the dress looks perfect on you and I like the design. Hmmm, I’m in the mood for a fresh, colorful salad for dinner.

  6. Aging fashionista

    I like the print and have 1 or 2 items that fit the bill of “vibrant but busy”. To make them work, I mix them with significant parts of solids; skirt, sweater, pants. Harder to do in warm weather when we are less inclined to layer tho.

  7. La Rêveuse

    Have you thought of wearing this over a solid tank unbuttoned? I feel like it might look good with the front broken by some solid color under your face. It’s a bit intense. 🙂 Just a thought.

  8. Aziraphale

    What’s interesting about this post is not the dress (although it is cute and fun in an eyewatering sort of way!) but your comment about its significance. You say the dress is meaningful because you wore it the day you cut off all your hair. That says something about the power of hair, don’t you think? When saw the initial pics of your short hair, it didn’t seem a big deal. Just a new haircut. I did notice the haircut, because your face looks quite different with short hair, but after the initial, “oh look, Sally got a haircut” thought, I didn’t really think about it any more. But clearly it was a big step, if you can remember the dress you were wearing when you had it done. I wonder why that is? Why, for some people, is a drastic haircut such a memorable event? I’m sure there’s a paper in there somewhere.

    I don’t have a dress anywhere near as fun as that, by the way.

  9. Laurie Olson Williams

    Oh my STARS do I love that dress!!! 😀 Sadly, for being The Paisley Queen, I’m sort of out of knock yer socks off prints at the moment. My wardrobe needs an overhaul, and I’m working on a couple of different “collections” within my own closet — because sometimes I need to project “Trust Me, I’m a Professional” when what I *want* to feel is “Yup, I’m Still a Hippie”.

    Probably the best prints I have currently are in my collection of vests, which I do wear frequently as a layering piece in the spring/summer and when I’m going to be somewhere warmish in the winter. And NONE of them are this eye catching. I might need to work on that. ;D

  10. Viktoria

    Garish in a good way, yes! Great dress, reminds me of an aunt in the 70´s.

    I have a cotton anorack in a black&white pattern (a bit Marimekko-ish – wait, perhaps it is?) that my mother-in-law wore when she was expecting my husband, and a few years after that. It´s been handed down to me, and I love it (it´s got patina, is worn out in a very esthetically pleasing way), but when I wear it I just disappear. Oh well.

  11. M-C

    Busy colorwise, yes, but bold? No. 1) it’s flowers 2) it’s small-scale. It’s possible to do much, much bolder. And enjoy it :-).

  12. Ignorant Awareness

    Love it- but then again, I *am* one to wear crazy colours & prints anyway haha! But you know which other colour you could introduce into the look, without it being too overpowering? Deep purple 🙂

  13. letta

    having seen this outfit in person, i deem it a major win! i had no idea you were feeling shy about wearing it, and i know i immediately complimented your look that day.

    i’m personally wary of patterns without a solid colored cropped jacket to pair, as i have heavily tattooed arms and worry that they’ll clash! this also means i have a closet full of patterns and wonderful cropped jackets 🙂 if you wanted to try this dress out in the fall and have a versatile, high quality jacket to join your stable, try tulle4us.com. their sales are serious, and their stuff is great quality (though i always, always have to sew the buttons on again. i do not understand why they seem to put trick buttons on their clothing when the lining is always meticulous!).

  14. Alison

    I love this dress and if it were in my closet I’d probably wear it every week. Great vintage score!

  15. Sara L.

    I like how you styled this dress! To answer your question about wild prints though, I have a dress with a crawfish print. It looks like tropical flowers until you start looking closer and realize it’s actually crawfish complete with beady eyes and feelers. It only comes out when I’m feeling sort of wacky.