Dressed for: Healing

Already Pretty outfit featuring denim jacket, Gudrun Sjoden dress, tan slouchy boots, red necklace, Ellington handbag

Denim jacket – Gap (no longer available) – similar
Dress – courtesy Gudrun Sjödén
Necklaces – thrifted and self-made – similar look
Earrings – gift – similar
Bracelet – thrifted – similar look
Boots – Diesel (no longer available) – similar
Bag – Sadie courtesy Ellington

I tore my feet up walking around San Francisco – even in my comfy flats! – so I’m sticking to closed-toe shoes and socks for the time being until I’m all healed up. After several similar walking-intensive trips, I’ve finally learned that ballet flats are fabulous if I’m out and about for less than four hours. Anything beyond that and my feet swell and blister no matter how supportive and well-made my flats may be. Socks – and shoes that work with socks – are essential for foot comfort on these types of trips. Live and learn. And blister.

Anyone else had similar experiences? Do you stick to shoes that can be worn with socks when traveling?


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19 Responses to “Dressed for: Healing”

  1. Une femme

    Oh yes, if I’m going to be walking all day socks and good arch support are a must!

  2. jan.4987

    I love this outfit, it’s beautiful! I have little to add re. socks, but I felt the need to say that. I’m not sure if it’s the colour combinations or what, but I think it’s exceptionally lovely.

  3. Jane McLaughlin

    I’ve had the same experience. I thought my Wolky flats would be perfect walking shoes but they were not good for a full day of walking. Thankfully walking shoes are looking less like something to wear in an aerobics class. And do wear socks.

    • walkercreative

      A second on the Privos! You can do all day, no socks, no pain, no sweating. A personal cloud. They even operate as my slippers in winter when the snow is too deep outside. Get some stat! 🙂

  4. Bananas

    Have you tried Tieks? They are the only ballet flats I have found that will work for all-day walking. I love your boots!!

  5. Claudia Gray

    I have some shoes that are comfy for considerable walking without socks – but only a couple, and really only one that isn’t a sandal. (There are plenty of comfortable sandals that won’t blister; the trick is finding ones that provide adequate arch support.) But ITA that there is no such thing as the ballet flat that would stand up to that kind of walking.

  6. Shawna McComber

    If I am a tourist and thus doing that much walking around it is usually summer and I tend to wear flat but sturdy sandals. If it is cooler weather I would wear flat shoes but something cushioned and with a strap to hold them onto my feet so it would be something like a mary jane style Clarks shoes, probably with a casual skirt and tights.

  7. Sue

    I bought some Clark’s shoes last October that I thought would be perfect for walking, but they started rubbing after a couple of hours. I have a wardrobe full of shoes that I can only wear for short walks and if I am going out in them I make sure I have plasters in my bag just in case! Apart from shoes that I wear with socks, I have two pairs of shoes from Decathlon that I can wear without socks so they are perfect for longer walks in hotter weather. They call them ballerinas, though obviously they are a sporty version. I’m hoping to post a picture of one of the pairs below. The other pair is in grey and blue.

  8. Ginger

    I find that lace-up shoes are best for prolonged walking.
    Shoes with straps are find for shorter distances. I have some Cole-Hahn ballet flats that are comfortable to wear all day but I wouldn’t choose them for a lot of walking.
    If I have been wearing sandals regularly I can wear strappy sandals for walking. I wouldn’t do that right now because my feet are still winter-tender.

    I wouldn’t try to walk much of anywhere in those boots!

  9. Anamarie

    Thinking about my last two walking trips – Paris in the summer and Las Vegas in the spring. For Paris, I wore Born flat sandals, Born heeled sandals (2 inch heel with a ton of cushioning), and Lucky “Emmie” ballet flats. For Vegas, I wore Birkenstocks by day. For each trip, I made sure that I changed shoes at least twice a day. If one pair of shoes makes your feet hurt, switching to another pair can make the rest of the day a lot more bearable or even pain-free. I did carry a backpack/large purse in both places, so I was able to keep an extra pair of shoes, usually flats, in my bag. I also usually changed shoes in the evening, when I didn’t expect to be walking much.

    This might sound high maintenance or like a lot of shoes, but I go on vacation to have a great time. A couple of extra pairs of shoes keep my feet happy and allow me to enjoy myself. I am very picky about shoes, since I badly fractured both of my ankles and one of my feet a few years ago. I also make sure to never take shoes that aren’t completely broken in.

  10. Natalia Lialina

    Healing has never looked so stylish before! 🙂 Really love the outfit, colorful, sexy and comfy.
    I tend to not walk for over 4 hours… but I would probably not even think of shoes and socks since I hate it when my feet are hot… Therefore, yes, blisters! On hiking trips I of course would wear sneakers with socks or boots with socks, but in a city? Hmmm… You got me thinking. 🙂

  11. lydia

    I can relate to, and I sympathize with your blisters, and foot pain! I walk lots– as a city dweller, and on my travels — I have been to so many cities (especially London, Paris, Italy…) and by far the toughest decision by far is what shoes to take with me. After lots of trial and error — and still learning — I find three key shoes to have for a walking trip are:

    1. One shoe that has a fairly rigid sole — think naot type construction, or taos — great with bare feet, sockliners, or even thin socks — the rigid footbed supports your soles, and absorbs shock while walking. A closed laced/ or elastic shoe, or mary jane style works well for travel –walks, train stations, etc. I also think if you can source a rigid sole, with soft leather — think Spanish shoe brands — they can cost a bit, but usually you can find a good sale!
    2. I often take a lighter runner/ shoe — a sketcher with elastic, or ecco closed shoe — this is good for rainier weather, but lighter than a boot. (I have a custom medical othotic I insert in mine, which makes six or more hour walks easier)
    3. If I travel in the summer, I have one sandal, or open toe option — clarks, or again naot (what I can find on sale usually…). The Clarks do not last as long as the naot, and again, are not as rigid — they feel light and comfy to walk in, but do not absorb shock, while the naot may initiallly seem heavier, but your feet will feel better as the heel absorbs the shock.

    Two of these three can be worn with socks, or the sock liners, which helps with blisters — I add moleskin to the sandals, and re-apply as it peels off.

    Sorry for the novel here, but this issue is close to my heart, as I am a real whiner if my feet hurt (and not only my feet, but blisters hurting on my skin as well is a double whammy! ) I walk quite a bit, and there is nothing like hurt skin and hurt feet to make an enjoyable walk, a miserable one!

  12. Tracy

    Danskos with socks or with ped socks work well for travelling that involves a lot of walking. They are not all that fashionable and they are heavy to pack, but there’s a reason that professionals who spend a lot of time on their feet wear them. Also here in Colorado, they are very popular, so maybe like Birkenstocks they are becoming fashionable.

  13. KimM.

    Since having foot and ankle reconstruction several years ago, I now must have comfy, supportive shoes. I wear a lot of Naot but they are expensive. I don’t care – they feel terrific. I’m headed out the door in my Naot Paris sandal. I have two pairs, steel (denim color) and nude. I can walk for 6-8 hours in them with no problem. As a former nurse, I wore Dansko, Allegria or Sanita for 12 hour shifts. My fave for work was Allegria Paloma.

  14. Julie Daum

    I bought a pair of Dansko lace up shoes during my last vacation, and they really saved my feet walking in San Francisco and San Diego. They were a big clunky, but I wore mini socks in them and they were a good summer colour that were cute enough to wear with dresses and skirts. i just reinvested in some birkenstocks and when i was in new york, i wore a pair of naot mary janes, and surprisingly my fluevog operettas for evening wear. i also have a pair of low heeled naturalista shoes/sandals that feel like running shoes, and they have allowed me to walk all over Vancouver all day on multiple trips.

  15. Lisa

    Oh am so sorry your feet exploded! And yes, in San Francisco I wear sneakers of one sort or another these days, with socks. Even with hiking socks:).