Dressed for: My Imaginary Self

Already Pretty Outfit featuring black leather moto jacket, black lace maxi dress, heeled lace-up booties, rhinestone bib necklace

Moto jacket – Levi’s (no longer available) – similar – budget/vegan
Dress – courtesy Karen Kane
Booties – Jeannot via Lori’s (no longer available) – similar
Necklace – gift – similar
Earrings – gift – similar

My real self has every intention of wearing this dress with an assortment of tough jackets and chunky heels for everyday doings … but sparingly. My imaginary self would wear this dress every day. To the post office and the gym and the library and the dentist and everywhere. Because I really do have an inner Stevie Nicks who’s just waiting for the right moment to take over.

Have you got an inner Stevie/Janelle/Dita/Someone-Else who overtakes your personal style on occasion?


Already Pretty Outfit featuring black leather moto jacket, black lace maxi dress, heeled lace-up booties, rhinestone bib necklace

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22 Responses to “Dressed for: My Imaginary Self”

  1. DesignWrtr

    Stevie, baby! She’s definitely inside me. Unfortunately, I look more dressed-up Earth-mama than glam-boho-rocker when I dress like her. But she’s in there, and she finds her way out in small boho touches sometimes.

  2. Sarah Destrehan

    You look smashing! I do have an inner gothy-angsty-rebel in there who likes to dress me all in black with tough boots. She’s been coming out a lot this winter, and even convinced me to buy a pair of pleather pants.

  3. Jean Thilmany

    That dress is jaw-droppingly beautiful. And you’ve styled it so well. I could actually see this styled more casually, with flats or sandals and no jacket (in summer) or a sweater over it in winter … and then worn every. single. day. Love.

  4. loubeelou

    Hubba hubba! That is gorgeous! I have a very similar dress that is cocktail length. It is definitely one of those dresses that sits in the back of my closet though, waiting for a fancy date night, special dinner, or evening wedding. I love the moto jacket here – I will have to be on the lookout for one of those.

  5. Lynn Barnes

    I fear my “imaginary self” will turn out to be Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies.

  6. Rachel

    I love the mixture of tough and feminine in this outfit.

    I have an inner Courtney Love who wants me to wear fake fur in the daytime, white tights with Mary Janes, underwear as outerwear etc (I was a teenager in the 90s, so there you have it). Inner Courtney doesn’t get out very often as I am just too self-conscious (also I’m a librarian so would get some funny looks at work).

    But I have just realised that the last time Inner Courtney came out was when I went to see the real Courtney in concert a few years back… and I’m seeing her again this year… so watch this space!

  7. fashionforgiants

    Beautiful! You look absolutely wonderful, Sal! I love your hair and this outfit is everything.

    My imaginary self is tougher. Leather, studs, etc.

  8. marsha_calhoun

    Serious va-va-voom here – if I were you, I would wear it every day, or at least try it on to remind yourself how fabulous you look!

  9. Shawna McComber

    LOL yes I have an inner Stevie too. I don’t want to be the town eccentric so I restrain her. I love this look. I hope you do wear it to the post office!

  10. 33

    Picturing miss shirley temple (when she’s 10) dresses in biker jacket, skinny jeans, ankle boots, and cropped top. That’s me in my current body emulating a model off duty look (my imaginary/wishful self).

  11. 33

    I have a Susie Chin for Maggie London black lace A line cocktail length dress with capped sleeve. It’s doesn’t have the fitted bodice like yours. With the floor length and bodice your dress is very dramatic. Love how you mix tough and romantic. I can totally see Stevie loving and wearing this outfit. (If she has instagram or twitter, you should send her this outfit photo).

  12. Lisa

    Your imaginary self knows how to amp up the gorgeous for your real self. You look amazing. My imaginary self needs help from my friends;).

  13. Judy Adair

    Perfection. Juxtaposition of girlie, biker chic with glam princess. I have an alternative personality living inside me too. Ralph Lauren could not have styled it better. Lovely dress.

  14. AlisonG

    Sally, that is a brilliant look! My imaginary self is a steampunk gal and she is venturing out into the world more and more since I bought your book 🙂 I’ve been wearing long skirts pulled into draping folds with skirt lift atop chunky boots with hard wear, eighteenth century inspired skirted jackets in rich brocade and damask (mad midnight buys that I adore but do not always have the confidence to wear into the world), and under bust waistcoats that define the waist. Loads of fun.

  15. diane

    Hot damn. I need to find my imaginary self. You look FIERCE. I love this look on you!

  16. lindaloui232

    I think my imaginary self is Steven Tyler – I love leopard and snake print jeans with dramatic embellished jackets and maximal accessories. He comes out a few times a year, but he always gets compliments.

  17. Melanie

    This is hands-down my favourite FAVOURITE outfit on you, and you wouldn’t hear a peep from me, except maybe cheering, if you were to wear this every single day, or at least a variation of it. I wear a version of my imaginary self every day, I AM myself imaginary. Although my truly true self would wear more wild cosmetics.

  18. Une femme

    Oh I love this!! Every once in a while it’s good to let our imaginary selves out to play.