Dressed for: Second Chances

Already Pretty outfit featuring floral cardigan, mint green dress, bronze flats, Foley + Corinna Mid-City Tote

Cardigan – J.Crew courtesy Twice
Dress – eShakti (no longer available) – similar
Flats – Hush Puppies (no longer available) – similar
Bag – Mid-City Tote courtesy Foley + Corinna
Necklace – Hilary Druxman
Earrings – courtesy Song Yee Designs
Bracelets – Goldy + Mac – similar look

I ogled this cardigan for months on the J.Crew website a couple of years ago, but never bit the bullet. Imagine my delight when online consignment shop Twice offered me a shopping credit, and this dark floral beauty turned up in my size! It’ll work great for colder weather, but I couldn’t resist brightening it up with this summery dress. I was astonished by the depth and breadth of Twice’s offerings – thousands of items at darned decent prices. My order arrived the very next day, and everything was in great condition and just as described on the site. Nice to have another resource for quality secondhand goodies!

Anyone else tried Twice? Other online consignment outlets? Lots of them offer no-fuss handling where they send you a box, you put your stuff in it, and once it arrives back at headquarters they photograph and post it … a great way to earn some cash back on your old clothes and accessories.


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10 Responses to “Dressed for: Second Chances”

  1. Claire

    I just placed a Twice order with a BEAUTIFUL Donna Morgan dress. Thanks for the tip. I hope you get an affiliate credit.

  2. Shawna McComber

    Oh Sally, I LOVE that cardigan. No, I have not tried Twice, but I generally shy away from online shopping for clothing. I don’t want to have to bother with returning things and not everyone ships to Canada anyhow.

  3. respect_the_shoes

    I’ve purchased from Twice before via Ebay – I found a gorge JC skirt for a steal with them.

    What a lovely overall look on you – you look great in that green!

  4. Texas Aggie Mom

    This is one of your most flattering outfits ever! The colors in the cardigan make you glow and really pick up your eye and hair color. The dress looks like it was born to go with it. Thanks for the tips on Twice; I started eBay shopping based on your tips, so now I’ll try this one too!

  5. Hayley

    Love the colors. I have the same Hush Puppies flats! Snagged them at Goodwill for a mere $6 and now this outfit gives me ideas with this teal-ish color.

  6. Melanie

    I just love when that happens! I’m glad you finally got this. I tend to avoid online shopping – shipping in Canada is very expensive and not always reliable, sadly. I shocked that you received it the next day. That would NEVER happen here, even if the store were next door. I’m trying to wear my hair like yours today…