Dressed for: Living and Learning

Already Pretty outfit featuring green plaid dress, green suede platform pumps, leather clutch, rhinestone bib necklace

Dress – Byron Lars Beauty Mark (no longer available) – similar-ish – also cute
Heels – Seychelles (no longer available) – similar color
Necklace – gift – similar
Earrings – Bibelotsimilar
Clutch – Aldo, if I remember right (no longer available) – similar color/size

Oh, fancy-pantsy green plaid dress that I’ve had for years and loved for all of those years. You taught me a lot about yourself when I wore you to Flight of Fashion a few weeks back. You taught me that with a low enough neckline and a properly applied sticky-cup bra, I actually CAN achieve cleavage. You taught me that more dresses really should have sleeves. And, sadly, you taught me that you kinda need to be taken in at the shoulders and bodice a bit to fit properly now. And than you wrinkle immediately. As in I look at you and you get wrinkly.

I’m still gonna love you. But I think I’ll love you more once my tailor has had a go at you …


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19 Responses to “Dressed for: Living and Learning”

  1. Carol

    Saw this picture and my first thought was “Wow!”. This is very good on you. And what a fun detail there on the side. I need to find a way to recreate that…off to the sewing room!

  2. Jackie Jack

    Oh my I think this is my favourite look you have ever done , that dress is beyond gorgeous , and your cleavage is great too !

  3. Bike Pretty

    I just stopped by to say that you look stunning. I mean seriously, with that dress and that hair and your skin tone. It’s all working together so wonderfully.

    But I really loved the little paragraph on how problematic that dress can be. I can relate!

  4. Shawna McComber

    That looks gorgeous on you. I love the neckline and would I be correct in assuming one needs a strapless bra for that? I have yet to get myself one, but I really should.

    • Sally McGraw

      Thank you, Shawna! Yes, definitely strapless. I actually used a strapless, backless sticky-cup bra from Target, which worked like a charm.

      • Shawna McComber

        Oh that’s good to know. I’ve wondered about those as they seem both really weird and really amazing at the same time.

  5. Anna Miller

    I am in love with this dress. It has all of my favorite things: green, plaid, interesting details, cleavage, full skirt. I want 4 for myself. And those shoes too. This is a perfect outfit.

  6. fashionforgiants

    Holy smokes, that dress is amazing. You look beautiful! And I agree with Bike Pretty that this dress is perfect with your skin tone!

  7. Sally McGraw

    Friends, you are too good to me! So glad you like this look and this dress. You can all borrow it any time. (You think I kid, but I totally mean it.)

  8. crtfly

    I don’t understand how you can improve on perfection! It looks like you had the dress designed and sewn for you alone. If you do get it tailored, please post before and after shots. I’m sure I will learn something.


  9. Shey

    Hi Sal, first I wanted to thank you for including me in your lovely links. I also wanted to comment on the dress because I love the neckline! I have a small chest and so I stay away from anything that shows cleavage but I do love the v-neckline with the sleeves! The cinched waist is a plus too.

  10. Melanie

    I love the dress, and that is one of the most fantastic pieces of jewellery around your neck I have seen in ages. Bare legs and cleavage can only mean one thing – warm weather and joy!

  11. Ann Wood

    Goodness this is a great dress! I just love it!

    blue hue wonderland

  12. Courtney Landes

    I love how the colors in that dress complement the tattoo on your leg. 🙂