Dressed for: Shopkeeping

Already Pretty outfit featuring mustard dress. bird print scarf,  J.W. Hulme bag, Frye Vera Slouch boots

Scarf – Cath Kidston – similar
Dress – Tiana B via Ideeli – similar color
Tights – Express (no longer available) – similar
Boots – Frye Vera Slouch
Bag – J.W. Hulme
Bracelet – eBaysimilar
Earrings – Piperlime (no longer available) – similar

Comfy shoes are non-negotiables for my shifts at Corset. The last time I worked retail was in college and OOOOOH BOY was I younger and spry-er back then. Walking around for seven or eight hours straight takes its toll on me, and my trusty Veras are about as high as I can go. This theory has been tested, and there have been days when I thought my dogs would never stop barking. Keep your eyes peeled for more flats in the coming months! They’re gonna get a workout.

Anyone else work on your feet all day? Do you stick to flats and comfort shoes exclusively, or have a low heel height that you can do?


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15 Responses to “Dressed for: Shopkeeping”

  1. Cynthia

    I use a standing desk at work part of the time so I don’t get deep vein thrombosis from my desk job, and yep, it can get pretty tiring to stand to work. I am firmly on team flats anyway but I certainly can’t imagine standing for long periods in a heel much higher than 1.5″. My low-heeled Pikolinos boots are as high as I want to go.

  2. kjlangford

    I think this might be the perfect outfit. I just love everything about it. Especially the scarf! Put a bird on it 🙂

  3. Eva

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this look — so gorgeous! The color of the dress and the scarf are perfect!

  4. jeanology

    I don’t work on my feet, but I’m chiming in to say how much I love the way you’ve been styling your hair! It looks fantastic, so chic!

  5. Elizabeth

    Low heels are the only way to go! Although I drool at the heels! I’ve tried wedges, they aren’t too bad, but I’m not on my feet all the time either.
    I love skimmers and d’Orsay shoes. They come in all colors, are low to the ground so I can’t sprain an ankle or fall off.

  6. Mia

    Sal! SAL. I looooove this. Everything about this. The hair! The scarf! The dress! Look at how many exclamation points I’m using! I sit on my butt all day at work and I still can only wear heels occasionally. They’re cute, but not usually worth the hassle for me.

  7. fashionforgiants

    This may be my favorite outfit ever. I love the dress and the scarf is perfection with it.

    If I’m going to be on my feet a lot or walk instead of bike to work, I definitely have to have comfortable shoes. But, if I’m biking and just at my desk, high heels are no problem, as long as they’re comfortable. There’s nothing worse that a shoe that uncomfortable even when you’re sitting!

  8. PolarSamovar

    This is a funny topic to come up today, because I just wore 3″ heels to the podiatrist’s office. I felt the need to explain (unsolicited) that really, I don’t wear these boots very often.
    Desk job, flats-wearer. Not just flats, but rugged, waterproof flats. I live in a rural area and at any moment I may need to go off-road through mud, rocks, and um, barnyard. Trips to the big city to see the podiatrist are my big chance to wear pretty shoes!

  9. Patti_NotDeadYetStyle

    Like Cynthia, I’m on team flats – low heels at the most. I have to have happy feet to feel good. Really like this bird scarf. xox

  10. 33

    Love your Cath Kidston scarf. She always comes up with beautiful and/or whimsical prints.
    Your whole outfit is great, really flattering to your coloring and body.
    Thankfully I don’t stand on my feet working but I sit all day (which is worse for the waist line). I still prefer heels lower than 3″. It’s probably age related. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s I could wear heels higher than 3″ all day, walking or not. Now I can’t. Higher heels are simply not comfortable even while sitting.
    SHoes too flat are not supportive and not comfortable for walking and standing either.
    What I do is I switch different shoes with different heel height daily so that the bones in my feet will not get used to being too sprayed out, being tightly squeezed, or getting pushed forward.

  11. Michelle...

    If I’m not at my standing desk, I’m standing at a lab bench so it’s flats (<1.5in heel) with a closed toe and closed counter for me.

    I adore heels. I love the way they look on my feet (especially a stiletto with a pointy toe). I love the extra height they give me (am 5ft 3 on a good day). I have a few pairs that I bust out on occasion but those occasions are pretty few and far between – something that my busted up bones are rather happy about.

  12. Texas Aggie Mom

    Love the outfit, especially the scarf, which makes me feel like spring is just around the corner! I work at a university and have very diverse job duties. On days when I give tours, I wear flats. In the classroom, I may wear a low heeled pump, but find myself gravitating more toward flats since breaking a foot few years ago. Occasionally when I have a rare “desk day” I may wear my favorite 9 West black pumps with a three inch heel, but I’m usually sorry by the end of the day. Invariably I get called across campus for an unexpected meeting if I’m wearing them. At 5’9″ and in my mid-fifties, flats are starting to make more sense. I live in Texas, where western boots are appropriate in many social contexts, so my casual outfits often incorporate them, especially if there is walking to be done. I’m trying to make comfort a priority, without looking frumpy. It’s a very fine line!

  13. Natalie

    Love the scarf especially, but the entire outfit is gorgeous!

    I teach science labs, so I’m often on my feet 3-6 hours at a time, running from student to student as they have problems. I find that ~1.5 to 2-inch heels are as high as I can go on those days. I rarely buy heels taller than that, because my budget doesn’t allow for much that’s not wearable at work as well as at play. One of the keys I’ve learned is that wider-based heels are much, much better than stiletto-type heels. Having a wider support base makes my feet so much happier when I’m on them all day.