On Insecurities & Childish Tendencies


A confession: for my first outfit post on Already Pretty, I’m feeling REALLY insecure. Last week was a hellish week: family fighting, an accident that totaled my car, a $400 electric bill (for winter! in New Orleans!), and my body reacted. Add in a couple of styes (which prevented me from wearing eye make-up) and tender gums (making it hurt to smile)– well, I guess the exhaustion and pain are showing through!

As a Monday pick-me-up, I threw on this outfit. This dress has become a quick regular in my rotation– I’ve worn it at least 5 times since buying it 3 weeks ago. It’s where my childish (or perhaps, childlike) tendencies show.  When I love an item, I wear it all the time.  When it’s destroyed or I ‘outgrow‘ it? I seek out another one or pair, like I did with these wedges. They’re my second pair, and I don’t care. A great classic wedge (thatyoucan’tsee) is always a yes in my book.


This dress has beautiful details, which I can attribute to the designer– Trashy Diva, a wonderful New Orleans based brand by designer Candice Gwinn. They’re my #1 go-to, and to say I have an obsession with them? It’d be an understatement.  I knew that slipping on my favorite dress by my favorite designer would be a surefire way to feel good (even if I didn’t think I was lookin’ so good). Can I wax on this dress? I love the heavy weight and beautiful attention to details (that shoulder stitching! that waist pintucking!). I love the glorious swish it makes around my legs as I walk and the great tea length. I’ll be sad when the weather gets too warm to wear it (which is, inevitably, only a few months away), but I’ll look forward to pulling it out again at the first sight of cool weather. And picking up it up in burgundy and black.

In the meantime, my fragile ego is pushing through. Our accident’s been settled; we’ve got a potential replacement car transferring (and the one I originally wanted!); my body is on the mend, and I’m enjoying a beautiful burst of warm weather…

What Ashley Wore:
Jenny Dress – Trashy Diva (available in long sleeve & short sleeve, red, black, and army; order in a size, or two!, down. I went down 2 sizes)
Floral scarf – Urban Outfitters circa 2006 – similar and similar
Leopard Wedges – Steve Madden circa 2007 – similar and similar
Purse – Foley & Corinna Mid-City in Copperhead  (via eBay; get it here. Rue La La had it recently, too!)
Bracelets – c/o DuePunti (view close up here)
Watch – Michael Kors Runway
Patent Skinny Belt – from this dress (similar here and here-plus size)

_ _ _

Call her Ash, Ashe, or Ashley– she doesn’t mind! Already Pretty contributor Ashley began blogging in 2007 about fashion and style to fill a void in her life while living in the wintery tundra of Indiana. Her blog Dramatis Personae focuses on food, life & style.  Ashley’s love of fashion began at 10, when she bought her first issue of Seventeen magazine; this also began a life long battle with learning to love her body (she never looked like the girls who graced those pages). As a plus-sized woman, she loves promoting fashion for all women and shops that want to make all ladies feel beautiful.  She currently calls New Orleans home and share her little house with a wonderful fiance and two brilliant and playful Maine Coons kitties.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for Ash in Fashion. See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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31 Responses to “On Insecurities & Childish Tendencies”

  1. Ericka

    You look lovely and I adore that dress. I cannot wait til my May trip to New Orleans to finally visit Trashy Diva in person.

    • Ashe

      You’re going to love it, Ericka! The hardest part is always picking out what dresses to bring home…

  2. MargeauxB

    I think you look good–that color looks good on you. I wish I could see your shoes. I think longer sleeves would be more flattering, but I’m not in New Orleans, either. I don’t think you need the belt, but it’s not a deal breaker.

    • Ashe

      MargeauxB, I wish we could see my shoes, too! Sadly my fiance is no pro, and while I tell him to keep look out for many things…well, he inevitably misses some.

  3. Sarah R

    Ashe, I think you look great. Sorry about the misfortune lately…and that is a ridiculous power bill! I’m in Florida and mine was under $200 this month. I expect $400 come summer time, though…boooo hisss.

    • Ashe

      Thank you, Sarah! The bill is crazy insane– we’ve never had one that high. $200 is normal for winter/summer for us, so I’m blaming the space heaters we were running (and have since taken back)….

  4. Suze

    …and you’re looking fabulous to boot! Amazing how clothes we love can make us feel good. I like your style!

    • Ashe

      Thank you, Suze! Thank goodness for the redemptive power of clothes. It’s really made a rough week better to have ONE bright spot.

    • Ashe

      Less scary and more annoying–esp since I LITERALLY had thought seconds before, “I hate this intersection, I’m terrified I’ll get hit!”

    • Ashe

      Thank you, Patti– they’re definitely on the mend!
      (And hoorah for swishy, heavy skirts! What is it about them? They just feel so damned good.)

  5. Jude

    I ADORE Trashy Diva, I just wish she had petite sizes. One can only hope that one day she will. Sigh. Love the bronze purse with that dress!

    • Ashe

      I understand, Jude! Even at 5’7, I often get many of my dresses hemmed. That obviously doesn’t help with petites when it means the waist is too long (I understand– I’m long-waisted so many end up too short for me). Always feel free to mention it to them, as I know they value input from their customers!

      • Jude

        Thanks Ashe I’ve mentioned it quite a few times. It’s not too terrible because the skirts work and of course there are all those wonderful shoes and accessories!

        It’s great to see a NOLA fashion blogger; yay!! I’ve bookmarked your site and am looking forewords to seeing all your outfits. A big thanks to Sally for hosting a yat! : D

        • Ashe

          Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Jude!
          I completely get the TD thing– I’ve been asking for ages for more plus sizes. After losing about 40 pounds this past year, I’m now fitting their 18s…. so they definitely have demands to fill! But we all make it work as best we can?

          Here’s hoping to do NOLA a little pride on AP! ;D

  6. Sue

    Ha! I have been eyeballing that exact dress for a while on their site 🙂 SO glad they are making things in olive, a underused color I love. So flattering and versatile. Ihate when every dress i love comes in black (already have it) and red :/

    Also agree on the wedges – I hang onto mine and wear them into the ground. Really prefer them to a real (too high) heel or a flat

    You look fab, maladies notwithstanding

    • Ashe

      To be honest, Sue– the only reason I haven’t picked up a black version and a long-sleeved one is that I’ve been losing weight. They’re SO stretchy I’d rather wait til next fall and get ones I know will fit. But it’s super amazing. So I hope that helps sway you. And the olive is just beautiful– I agree that it’s underused and I think it’s a perfect fit on the dress. I almost went with black and thought, “You know. Get something more uncommon, and I don’t regret it.”

      Wedges– the most underrated footwear. But they’re my favorites!

  7. Allison

    New Already Pretty reader and Loyola alum here. Had no idea this blog would include a New Orleans contributor so I was SO excited to see this photo background this morning! Can’t wait to read more (from here in Baton Rouge!).

    • Ashe

      Allison, I’m a Loyola alum as well! My fiance works there (while I’m next door). It’s such a beautiful place to capture pictures before work, I couldn’t help it!

  8. Bella Q, The Citizen Rosebud

    Ashe! Well, I’m sorry to hear there’s stress in your life- I will trust you’ll get through it. And looking good no less. That dress is great- the olive works as a neutral and I can see that it would be versatile to style up! Stye or no style, you’ve certainly got style. Congrats on your first AP post!

    • Ashe

      Yup! Snapped them before work (I work on the OTHER side of the fence though 😉

      Thank you!