Eight Kinds of Awesome

Husband Mike and I are making preparations to plow through several episodes of Season 3 “Bones.” I am on the basement sofa, engulfed in our giant, white, down comforter that we refer to as “the meringue.” He is putting the DVD in the player.

Husband Mike: The final disc of this season only has three episodes on it. I saw that when we were at the video store on Sunday.

Sal: Is this the penultimate disc, then?

Husband Mike: Yep. [Pauses.] I love the word penultimate. But how come no one ever issues a penultimatum?

And that is why Husband Mike is eight kinds of awesome.

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13 Responses to “Eight Kinds of Awesome”

  1. May


    Tell Husband Mike he made my day.

    I think a penultimatum is a warning though. I issue them all the time in the classroom.

  2. fleur_delicious

    hear, hear!

    I love it when we pun and play with words! He’s a keeper, Sal.

    (PS: “the meringue” = at least 5 kinds of awesome, in terms of naming down comforters)

  3. Kate Coveny Hood

    I love a brainy couple almost as much as I love “big words.”

    My aunt is a high school art teacher in NJ (a Sopranos kind of environment if you know what I mean), and her students always tell her that they don’t like to use “big words” and ask her why she can’t just “talk normal.” This cracks me up. They actually raise their hands and make dismissive gestures (and say “big word…”) whenever they take offense to a particular vocab choice. I would love to be a fly on the wall…

  4. Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

    Husband Harry responds, “How about an antepenultimatum?

  5. a cat of impossible colour


    I am going to start using that in my daily speech. 🙂

  6. Shannon (A beautiful Dream)

    Awww, This is the kind of scenario and conversation that makes me long for a husband Mike of my very own.

    Also the fact that I’m sick of taking my own photos.

    Can you clone him??