Dressed for: Cowgirl-esque

Already Pretty outfit featuring denim jacket, Gudrun Sjödén dress, leather saddle bag purse, Freebird by Steven Ankle boots

Jacket – Kut from the Kloth (no longer available) – similar
Dress – courtesy Gudrun Sjödén
Boots – Freebird by Steven Bolo
Necklace – eBaysimilar look
Bag – eBaysimilar
Earrings – courtesy Novica
Bracelets – Target (no longer available) – similar

A few of you have asked how I planned to take badassery into the summer season, and for the most part I’d say jewelry has been my secret weapon. But a few of my looks have lapsed back into my summer default of quasi-cowgirl, including this one. This Gudrun Sjödén dress is floaty and sweet on its own, but grounded by a chunky necklace, denim jacket, and weathered leather accessories, its vibe shifts.


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4 Responses to “Dressed for: Cowgirl-esque”

  1. mendotawaves

    I like this:) Cool white with more casual accent with the leather and unique edge from the jewelry…and a jacket for air conditioning. I recently wore a version of cotton Victorian whites to an outdoor event, it was very comfortable and cool while providing coverage from the sun.

  2. Cleoxymore

    This relates to a question I have wanted to ask you… You “style transition” (from this side of the screen!) felt more like a revolution than a transition, very sudden and complete; but in the past couple of months, I’ve felt that some of your “old” style was creeping back into the new (not submerging it, mind you, but more like the transition happened AFTER the revolution).

    Would you consider writing a post of reflection on your style shift? What was and is satisfying about it, successes and mistakes, and plans moving forward? I think the look back/lessons learned could make a great post for many readers, though I admit that I have perhaps a greater than average interest in the question (I’ve been reading you for several years now, and I used to come here purely for the voice and way of thinking, since your style was MILES away from mine… and now you’ve landed right where would love to but don’t quite dare go!)

    • Sally McGraw

      You’re totally right – it kinda felt like someone had flipped a switch in my head and I just didn’t want to dress that way anymore! My guess is that some of the recent outfits look a bit more like the old ones because they involve dresses. I absolutely could not be bothered with dresses when it was cold because I was deeply, deeply sick of tights. Now, though, I can do bare legs and feel perfectly happy wearing them.

      But yes, I’d be happy to do a post reflecting on the change. Thanks for asking, and for sticking with me for so long!