I’m looking for a post on a specific topic. How can I find it?
There is a list of post categories in the top bar of this website, and there’s also a “search the site” box toward the top right corner. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please drop me an e-mail! I know my archive fairly well and can usually track down what you need.

I’m starting my own blog. How can I make it successful?
I wish I had a quick and easy answer – or even an original one – but I don’t. Work hard, be patient, participate in the blogging community, engage social media, learn some basic HTML, develop an original voice, post consistently, and love your topic of choice. All things that bloggers far more successful than I have said before me. If you’re looking for more nitty-gritty advice – especially about making a blog profitable – Problogger is an excellent resource.

What is your comment policy?
Open discussion is welcome here, as are differing opinions and passionate discourse. If you participate in commenting, you’ll soon see that the readers of this blog are smart, opinionated, curious, and hold a wide variety of views on various subjects. Comments are moderated. If you leave a comment that is hostile, intolerant, cruel, rude, abusive, bigoted, or otherwise offensive it will not be published. If you continue to leave such comments, you will be blocked. These decisions are made at my discretion and the discretion of my contributors.

Is this blog your sole source of income?
It is not. In addition to revenue from the blog (more on that in my disclosure section), I ghostwrite and edit for clients, manage the Shopping Tips channel for About.com, write for Mad Mimi and GoDaddy, write a column to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune style section, and take on freelance writing and consulting gigs. I also wrote and sell my book.

I’d like to submit an unsolicited guest post. How can I do that?
Sorry, I do not accept unsolicited guest posts.

Can I become a contributor to Already Pretty?
At this time, we’re full up. If spaces open for contributors, I will post a message on the blog.

I’d like to buy an ad in your right rail. How can I do that?
Please e-mail me for rates and availability!

Why doesn’t your outfit post match today’s weather in Minneapolis?
I post outfits once or twice per week, but get dressed every day! My outfits are not posted on the same day they were worn, so what you see will likely be several days behind the current weather.

Don’t you get cold taking photos outside in winter?
Yes, I do! But my photo shoots are very quick and I’m not outside for long. Our house is small and dark and there aren’t any great spots for indoor shots, so we stick to year-round outdoor photos. Bear in mind a few things: Like many people, I work indoors so on any given winter day I will be outdoors for less than 15 minutes total, usually going from car to building. When I go outside for something other than a photo shoot, I wear a scarf and coat. And everyone’s tolerance for cold is different!

Can you help me find a specific item?
If I can work it into an Insomniac Sale Picks post, I’d love to. Or if you’re looking for vendors or resources for a category of garment or accessory – like plus-sized tights or quality belts or lined raincoats – I’ll do my best to share a few. But if you’re looking for a size 10 strapless black satin sheath dress with red polka dots, I might have to turn you down.

I’d like to hire you as a personal stylist. How do I do that?
I’m no longer taking clients, unfortunately. But if you’d like a referral, please reach out and I can connect you with one of my stylist colleagues.

How can I make a suggestion for a post topic?
Drop me an e-mail! If your topic has been covered already, I will shoot you a link. If your question is something that would work better as correspondence, I’ll send you a personalized reply as quickly as I can!