Fascinating and Fashionable: Elizabeth the Skincare Product Formulator

Elizabeth Dehn is an award-winning beauty writer, blogger at Beauty Bets, and utterly inspiring businesswoman. She launched an eponymous line of skincare products a few years back, and is now collaborating with the lovely folks at One Love Organics on a new set of active moisture treatments. She is actively involved with the formulation process of the products that bear her name, and intensely interested in what is good for your skin and why. Let’s hear from Elizabeth!


Have you always been passionate about skin care?
Yes! I was born with some sort of skincare gene but have no idea where it came from. I started making face masks from egg whites and mud and going through my grandmother’s cold cream jars at a very young age.

What made you want to formulate your own line of products?
The lack of natural products in the marketplace that actually work AND look gorgeous on the vanity. It’s an elusive combination but it IS possible. I knew that my friends and readers wanted the same thing. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for my partners at One Love Organics who shared my pipedream and know how to bring it to life. They are an incredibly brilliant and dedicated bunch.

What was that process like? Did you start by examining products that were similar to the ones you wanted to create?
I’ve tried A LOT of products over the years so knew how I wanted ours to look, feel, smell, perform. Suzanne at OLO and I went back and forth for months to formulate. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of ingredients and worked tirelessly to get them just right. We tested and sniffed and schmeared and had our own informal focus groups. I’m so glad we were picky because the final product is better than I could’ve imagined. We’re pretty proud. You have to be when your name is on it.


Are organic ingredients really that much better for skin?
What’s on the ingredients list is just as important as what’s not. Organic ingredients are often best for the skin because they’re grown without the use of chemicals, which don’t do skin any favors. But organic isn’t always available, stable or cost effective. It’s also not regulated in the skincare industry. So your best bet is to look for natural, plant-based products that don’t contain chemicals. The biggies to avoid are glycols, parabens, petrolatum, sulfates and synthetic fragrance. These don’t serve any healthy purpose, rather functioning as cheap fillers and stabilizers. It’s so much more fun to slather yourself in good-for-you ingredients and it shows in your skin.


Do you think you’ll ever delve into cosmetics? Lipstick? Blush?
Funny you should ask . . . I didn’t set out to tackle cosmetics but we’re exploring a few exciting ideas! If we can find a way to do create professional-grade, naturally luxe cosmetics using the same healthy principles then I’m all in.

What’s the one thing you do every day to keep your skin looking radiant?
Moisturize. I like to look dewy at all times, and that means our Vitamin C serum. If you’re new to facial oils, try a few drops of olive oil straight from the kitchen cupboard and watch your skin transform. Then, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. You must protect the goods!

Images courtesy Beauty Bets and One Love Organics

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