Fashion = Fun

A couple of weeks ago, Imelda Matt made this comment:

I reckon you’re the only blogger who smiles in the personal style pics and I loves it because your smile makes me smile.

First off, thanks, Imelda Matt. I adore you and intend to show up on your doorstep and demand pancakes someday soon. Second, although I know I’m not the ONLY one who gets all grinny in my outfit shots, but I have noticed that I’m in the minority. And I.M.’s comment made me ponder why I don’t perfect my pout.

Well, I’ve already mentioned that I’m fairly inept at serious-face, although several fine folks have disagreed. Regardless of my scowling skill level, I just don’t feel my best in photos unless I’m smiling. And that’s the main reason, of course.

But the auxilliary reason is this: I have always considered myself more enthusiastic than cool, more fun than fashionable. And that’s the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I like it.* Additionally, I feel that being stylish is possible for any and every person. I mean hey, if I can do it, YOU can do it! I want to illustrate my belief that style is fun and personal and accessible, and I feel like a nice wide smile in my outfit shots is one of the most direct ways to convey that belief.

While a pouty face can be cooler and more attractive than a toothy grin, it can also make the observer feel removed, excluded, unwelcome. Sort of a, “This fashion is SERIOUS STUFF. If you were a member of the club, you’d know that … and be pouting, too” kind of deal. And I want everyone who stops by my little corner of the blogosphere to know – just by looking at me – that I’m enjoying myself. And, hopefully, conclude that exploring personal style can be fun for anyone at all!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I peer, mesmerized at images of Karla and Jane with their sensual pouts and half-smiles, and envy their ability to exude style and grace. I pore over magazine spreads, seeing the carefully crafted scowls of models and admiring their gorgeous detachment. I see the beauty and I feel the power. And I acknowledge that one reason I am drawn to fashion is its unattainable otherwordliness.

But in my own photos, I’d rather provide some counterpoint. Some welcoming reminders that fashion can be fun, style can be joyous, and that both are open to anyone curious enough to explore them. Like you, for instance.

*(Uh-huh, uh-huh.)

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36 Responses to “Fashion = Fun”

  1. Christina Lee

    I hadn’t really considered the smile thing- but yours does invite your readers in πŸ™‚

  2. Vanessa

    You know, this is something I never really noticed– at least consciously, anyway. I love the message behind the post. Fashion doesn’t have to be serious business ALL the time.

  3. lopi

    I love your friendly smile! And this post just reminds me I have to try too.
    But you know, it’s not fair! I’m not serious in my pics because I’m grumpy, but because I’m worried about how the pictures will turn out (blurry, dark or too yellow, usually). But you, you smile at Husband Mike who is always in the other side of the lens. Lucky girl!

  4. Spiragirl

    I’m a smiler in my pics too, (mainly because my little photographers are usually yelling ‘say cheese’ at me) I love that your pics are fun.

  5. Fell4fashion

    What a gorgeous smile too!! I have to remember to smile more in my pics πŸ™‚

  6. futurelint

    I’m totally guilty of the non-smile and the constant staring at the ground in my pics. I just don’t have much time to take them in am before work… when I’m smiling and looking at the camera, in a lot of them I am half-blinking and look like I’m mid-sneeze/stoned. Good point though, I’ll try and give myself the extra few minutes to take a smiling pic!

  7. Courtney

    Sal, don’t ever lose the smile! Yeah, the scowl looks artistic, but it also looks uncomfortable, like “yes, I am beautiful, but you wouldn’t believe the undergarments I needed to pull this off and these shoes are quietly turning my feet into hamburger.” It makes the clothes less appealing, because they’re not being enjoyed. And who would go to all the trouble of dressing nicely if they didn’t enjoy it? It should be fun!

  8. Q's Daydream

    Smiling is rare in fashion blogging! You do have a fantastic smile! :o)


    Hi Sal, The world certainly always-always looks brighter from behind a smile…lovely smile you have!

  10. Sheila

    I never even thought about this! I usually smile in my photos (I gotta lotta teeth, haha).

    You have an amazing smile! Keep it up, Sal!

  11. chic

    First of, your smile is so wonderful and contagious that I’m glad you’re not depriving us of it! πŸ™‚

    As for smiling in style shots in general – I do smile in the majority of mine, even when looking down. I can’t exude the sexy sulk of Karla and Jane, but sometimes do try different facial expressions just to mix it up a bit. I love E. because she makes really cute smirks and funny faces, which also says she’s not taking herself too seriously in her style shots. S.

  12. chic

    PS: You look wonderful on Kimberly’s site with the traveling scarf! Such a great look with it against the subdued neutrals of your outfit! And again… there was that wonderful smile πŸ˜‰ S.

  13. Cat

    Ah yes, the pout. I always feel pretentious if I pout and try to look seductive in my photos.

  14. elena-lu

    im over here from futurelints recent post where she mentions how awesome you are! πŸ™‚
    i think she might be right!!
    cool blogging

  15. Kelly

    ahhh! I’m so torn on this issue. I make a conscious effort to take a couple smiling shots in every time I take outfit pics. But I usually don’t end up liking them – I don’t think I have a very good posed smile (I know that sounds dumb) and I just end up feeling totally goofy. So I rarely post them. I’m so glad that you do, though.

  16. lisa

    You have a gorgeous smile! I say keep showing it off. πŸ˜€

  17. tis serendipity

    Aww I really love how you’re so natural and true to yourself even when blogging. =) It always seems like bloggers only choose to show certain aspects of their lives. Whatever seems cooler, more exciting, more glamorous… as if the not so pretty parts are embarrassing or will ruin their image. I tend to be guilty of that too… So I really respect that you’re not afraid to be yourself and how you are always so encouraging towards readers to have fun with discovering their style. I do think that should be the way with fashion. All about having fun while being true to oneself. Great post!

  18. fashion herald

    If I had a smile as great as yours I’d for sure be smiling all the time! And you’re so right, fashion is often about having fun, so where are the smiles?! I miss a big Linda Evangelista-like smile in fashion mags.

  19. pretty face

    I loved your little song insert. That one definitely made me smile, however uncool that makes me πŸ˜‰

    PS SO weird, I only just discovered this girl jane’s blog last week, and despite it being big for months now, only now I notice everyone mentioning her!


  20. Kira Fashion

    Imelda is so right! I love your smile, always do that!

    Kisses and kisses!!


  21. the freelancer's fashionblog

    You do have a lovely smile!
    I had to go check on myself: I do smile in my pics. Not always though, but mostly a little!

    (Every now and then I try to go all teeth-smiley, but mostly it only works if the pic is taken while I’m actually laughing or don’t know anyone’s photographing. If I try to smile and wait for a picture to be taken I tend to look a bit like manic or fake.)

  22. oh lady e

    I love reading your, Wendy’s and Lisa’s blogs, because you all seem so cheery and personable.

    The other bloggers… not so much! πŸ˜€

  23. WendyB

    I’m inept at pouty face too. But I’m okay with it, because I don’t take myself as seriously as other people apparently take themselves.

  24. Allie

    Don’t lose the smile. It suits you! I wish Aimee from Song of Style kept smiling; not that she doesn’t anymore, but she used to do it more.

  25. Shannon -

    lovin the smile!!!

    I am hosting a fashion-themed contest on my blog right now, you should totally enter!!

    have a great day πŸ˜‰

  26. Ally

    I’m a smiler too. I’m just so damn happy to be here…I can’t help it!!

  27. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-I can only do soppy, smiley faces too-I don’t do pouty, LOL!

  28. mysterycreature

    It is lovely that you smile. I look slightly clinicaly insane if I smile in my photos, so I tedn to avoid it. I also can’t pout, it just looks like I’m trying to ge something out of my teeh!

  29. dapper kid

    Fantastic post! Fashion should always be fun in my eyes, the moment it loses that, then it has lost the best part of it for me.

  30. Skye

    I look crap if I smile at my self-timer – I have to hold the smile for too long and it gets really weird looking. Maybe if a human took my photos all the time I’d smile more, as it is me and my digital camera are quite happy with serious-face.

    Personally I don’t think it excludes people if bloggers don’t smile, that’s more about attitude as a whole which comes through in the entirety of posts – words, ideas, tone, pictures, subject matter.

  31. KATLIN

    The main reason I don’t do outfit posts is because I feel horribly awkward in front of a camera, and more so showing it to the world and to people that actually know me IRL. If I do an outfit post, I try to manipulate the images so they’re close ups or you can’t really tell what’s going on… πŸ™‚

  32. shoppingsmycardio

    a lovely smile indeed! and please, share with me where you found that beautiful necklace – i just love it!!

  33. daddylikeyblog

    Yet another reason I absolutely adore Already Pretty–you constantly prove that chic and smiley are not mutually exclusive! I adore your ebullient outfit posts. Keep it up!

  34. Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes

    Providing you bring the Princess shaped butter I’ll take care of the pancakes. That comment could have used a full stop…lol