Feel Good Cheat-Sheet

Feel good cheat sheet

Don’t have time for a 5-mile run? Can’t seem to find a damn thing in the closet that makes you feel like electric sex? Feeling run-down, beat-up, and worn-out? Here are some quick, easy ways to make yourself INSTANTLY feel better about your body:

  • Put on some lip gloss. Preferably something that smells yummy.
  • Press the thumb of one hand into the palm of the other and massage. Switch.
  • Take off your shoes and do 7 jumping jacks. You decide if this should be in public or private.
  • Give yourself a 30 second head-massage. Just scritch your scalp with your nails very gently.
  • Go into a private room, look into the mirror, and smile. See how gorgeous you are?
  • Roll your shoulders back. Do it at least three times.
  • Macarena. Electric Slide. Bunny Hop. Something easy and rote and SUPER fun.
  • Take a peek at your boobs. Go on, do it! Man, aren’t they sexy?
  • Skip. Like, skip your way to your next meeting.
  • Flex a muscle. Any muscle. Look at it, pass your hand over it, feel proud of it.
  • Mentally list the three most fantabulous things about your very own bod.
  • Stretch. Arms, back, legs. Take a deep breath. Repeat.
  • Ask for a hug from the best hugger you know.
  • If you’re wearing a skirt, twirl. But don’t forget to spot, or you’ll getdizzyfalldown.
  • Say this, out loud: “I don’t have to change a thing. I’m already pretty. Right now, just as I am!”

Image courtesy DOS82.

Originally posted 2009-08-19 05:50:00.

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55 Responses to “Feel Good Cheat-Sheet”

  1. Anonymous

    Hey–did you see "the time traveler's wife"? what is the amazing lipstick she is wearing that just stains her lips that great color?

  2. Rosie Unknown

    When I need an instant pick me up, I plug into my iPod and dance around to one upbeat song. repeat until mode improves.

  3. poodletail

    Anonymous, I'd bet my sweet ass that lipstick is Clinique Almost Lipstick in "Black Honey".
    Ladies, if you don't have one of these magic sticks in every purse get thee to a department store. (I do not work for Clinique and don't care for any of their other products but will die with Black Honey on my lips.)


    Fantastic tips!
    I really must do it all when I feel not so good…

    You are the best girl!

  5. Christina Lee

    so great! I always immediately list the things I am grateful for (a great cup of coffee, getting that parking space, my health etc.)

  6. enc

    I like twirling—especially in my blue skirt—but I have to reverse to the left after I twirl to the right, because the way I twirl, spotting isn't enough.

  7. Oranges And Apples

    Much like rosie unknown: put on an excellent song. Jump! Shake your bum! Wave your arms! Sing along!

    For me, a failproof song is babies by pulp. Makes me feel happy just thinking about it!

  8. Jess

    Hehehe- I actually do a lot of these!

    I'm also a big fan of cranking up a cheesy dance tune on my iPod and singing loudly to my dog. Not only is the singing (and chair dancing) fun, but her confused reaction always amuses me!

  9. Sarah R

    The breasts. Yep, they're pretty amazing.

    Three things, per Sal:

    1) I have awesome hair when it's not humid.
    2) Can I say the girls again? They're awesome.
    3) My eyes. They are a cool shade of slate gray/blue and everyone always asks me if I wear colored contacts. Nope, they are naturally gorgeous.

    Phew…I DO feel better!

  10. Becky

    "Electric sex"=awesome. For me, I look at my fashion blog and my pretty pictures I have of myself! Vain? Why, yes!

  11. evanadine

    often, when im feeling ick about myself, im more prone to noticing whats so great about other people. pay them a compliment on something you like about their appearance — many times, they will say something nice about yours. (note: i actually mean it when i pay the compliment — i dont do it just to fish for one. but its still nice to hear!)

  12. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    Oh, Sal.. you are too fabulous for words 😀 I love these tips and ''electric sex'' is one of the most awesome sayings I've ever heard of!

  13. Cupcakes and Cashmere

    this will be bookmarked for sure…twirling in a skirt…such a great one!

  14. Lemondrop Marie

    Fabulous list. Must print out and tape to the office wall for emergencies. I feel better reading my blog friends' posts and comments!

  15. WendyB

    Pet a dog. Or, if you live in my house, find a sleeping dog and tickle his toes in an annoying way. Or find another sleeping dog and gently pull her whiskers till she stomps off under the bed. Those things make me feel much better. Don't call the ASPCA!

  16. Kate Coveny Hood

    Kind of like the muscle thing – pick something about yourself that that you really like and admire it for a few minutes. We focus so much on our problem areas – focus on the things that you love instead. Even if it's just one thing for a few minutes.

  17. Erin

    HAHAHA, that's the exact reason I love wearing dresses and skirts (besides the fact that yes, pants are made for man-ass. women wear skirts) It always makes me smile when they swish, and sometimes I do spin in them to cheer myself up 🙂

  18. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-fabulous tips my dear, I'll have to put some of these into action!!

  19. lisa

    Love this list! I put on upbeat music with a good beat that makes me want to dance and move. Dabbing perfume on my wrists and behind my ears perks me up too.

  20. roryborealis

    Wow, having spent the past two days fighting off an especially vile head cold and therefore feeling (and looking) less-than-fabulous, this post came just in the nick of time. These are all great tips.

    I'd add, wear a signature scent. Even if my outfit isn't cooperating or I'm having a bad hair day or a concealer-defying glowing red zit has popped up on my chin, knowing that at least I smell fantastic helps put a spring back in my step.

    I'd also add, put on your boots. There is something deeply comforting about a good, solid pair of boots. They're an easy statement piece in addition to being comfy and practical.

    I think I'm going to wear my new plum purple Frye harness boots today, despite the NYC heat and humidity. If I ever stop swaggering in Fryes, I'll know that I've given up and need intervention before I start going about in public in pajama pants and flip-flops.

  21. kristophine

    I tried to the palm/thumb thing, and I don't know if it was the massaging or the knowledge that I was trying to do something nice for myself, but it was lovely. My problem with lip gloss: hair sticks to it. Any suggestions? I love the way it looks, but I have longish, unruly hair, and a horror of getting lip gloss in it.

  22. Cynthia

    Skipping and skirt-twirling…oh yes.

    Also hugging my kids – something about that unconditional love bouncing back at me that won't let me stay down.

  23. futurelint

    Very good suggestions! I do the stretching one and the twirl one a lot! Okay, kinda embarrassing but I'm a big believer in the "fake it til you make it" thing… so to give myself confidence when I feel like garbage I pretend like I'm being followed around by the paparazzi or reality show cameras! Instant better posture, a strut in my stride, etc. So cheesy but it works!


    Lovely post Sal!
    I luv getting a bear hug*
    I was reading(can't remember where now) but the Japanese was doing some kind of research…blowing air through a piece of drinking straw for a few minutes would tighten our abs! errr??? Worth a try,no?!

  25. Allie

    Yup, rock out on my headphones for a bit before heading to a meeting 🙂

  26. Clare

    I love this, Sal!! These are such wonderful ideas. For me, listening to some really rocking tunes does the trick, too. Oh, and strutting.

  27. Trooper Thorn

    Re-read your resume to see your accomplishements in the best light. If you don'thave one, write one.

  28. Barking Dog Shoes

    I love Neutrogena's lip gloss with SPF in peach color–tastes like peach too. I stay in my driveway an extra minute to makes sure I apply before heading out on errands with kids.

  29. missKaren

    You're the best, Sal. I need to learn how to pick out lipstick, I've never worn it except at weddings because all the bridesmaids do. I also like hugging animals. Until they get annoyed and band together to never speak to me again.

  30. The Raisin Girl

    I make a ridiculously girly playlist (Shiny Toy Guns, Spice Girls, Meredith Brooks, and everything), get a warm, fluffy towel from the dryer, run a hot bath, fill it with either bubbles or bath salts, and drink something yummy and fizzy while I soak and sing.

    My grandmother used to stand in front of the mirror in the morning and say something like, "I'm a wonderful, beautiful person. That's just the way God made me. I can't help it."

  31. Londyn

    I LOVE this! What a great post!

    How about singing – shaking your butt – laughing really hard – making funny faces in the mirrow – trying to belly dance – rubbing body butter on your feet and putting them away in warm fuzzy slippers – eatting a great big chunk of chocolate and not giving a damn….etc…

  32. FashionAddict

    I like to think of the saying, "Your fat jeans are someone else's skinny jeans," and then I remind myself that life's too short to not become comfortable in my own skin.

  33. chic

    I love every single idea on this list and am printing this out to carry around with me – especially sine the madness of a new semester is about to start. Thanks Sal!!! -A.

  34. Miss Peregrin

    I'm going to go ahead and second the thanks for being awesome. 🙂

  35. Anonymous

    i love it when i buy something new. it doesnt matter what it is. some earrings, a shirt, for God sake's a deodorant, doesnt matter but that what reminds me that i am beautiful

  36. Casey

    These are so fun! 😀 I do scalp massages all the time–it so relaxing and helps me not to feel so down about whatever has got me so at the moment! 😉 hehe!

    Putting on my favorite pink, sparkly eye shadow is another way to make me feel better about my bod. Weird, but true. Suddenly I start noticing my eyes (and so does everyone else), rather than my "bad point". hehe!

  37. Glynes

    Big dangly earrings. No matter how yucky I feel, catching a glimpse of my reflection with some bold, swingy, sparkly earrings improves the in-look enormously.

  38. Tall Poppy Writing

    Great list! We all have days when we feel less than fabulous! Flowers, a good blow dry, a face mask and a new pair of shoes never go astray 🙂

    Gaynor Alder | Author | The Modern Woman's Survival Guide


  39. Anonymous

    I keep a notebook of things that make me smile. Quotes, letters, song lyrics. Things to remind me that I’m totally awesome and everything is going to be okay. It fits in every purse that I own (so does my favorite book, which never fails to make me smile).