Feline Interlude: BAGGED

Just thought you should know that I’m not the ONLY Desigual fan in the house.

More feline interludes here.

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13 Responses to “Feline Interlude: BAGGED”

  1. Robert

    That’s sooo Cute! We no longer have a cat! Our cat had it’s own bed but,prefered the coner of the couch…

  2. Tina B

    I love kitty’s face – sort of like “What. I’m here. Get over it!” (And also probably a bit of, “You woke me up. Ugh.”) Can’t blame kitty for his/her taste, though. Love those prints.

  3. Erika A

    Cute! My partner’s cat likes to sit on top of the pile of fabric bags that are left on the table after groceries. “Did these carry cat food?” she seems to say.

  4. sara

    I tracked back to look at previous feline interludes posts and found the one where you list your cats nick-names. My cat is a 1-year-old bengal female named Jasmine. Her nick-names are:
    s**t head
    Jazmanian Devil
    Jazmanian Devil came in a moment of inspiration when I was woken at 5am by her scratching at our bedroom door. (we’re not anti-social, we don’t let her in our bedroom at night time because she thinks it’s fun to pounce on our faces while we’re sleeping, or falling asleep, if she can’t wait that long)

  5. Lisa

    Haha! That’s so cute, Sally đŸ™‚ And here I thought I was the only one to post random pictures of my cat…