Feline Interlude: BOXED

Husband Mike installed a new external hard drive this week. It came in the box pictured above.

Like all cats, ours enjoy nothing quite so much as a nice box-sit. Mike commented that this particular box creates something of a cat chaise lounge. And here, Simon (A.K.A. Professor Monkeypants) lounges.

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6 Responses to “Feline Interlude: BOXED”

  1. drwende

    It’s a Tweed Tabby!

    Have you tried the cats on bags or boxes of styrofoam peanuts? Some cats will “swim” in those.

  2. Pamcasso

    awwww:) I love how they never get tired of how cats love a new box.

  3. Sal

    drwende: For reals? Simon here likes to chew on anything … well, chewy. He’s made mincemeat out of several pairs of socks, and just likes to sink his chompers into stuff. So I fear he’d ingest the peanuts. But just the image gives me a shot of glee!