Feline Interlude: OUSTED

By (surprisingly) popular demand, a new Feline Interlude:

Simon (left) and Rowan (right) have the run of our house. However, they both seem to favor my desk chair. On weekdays. When I need to be sitting in it working. You can see that they’ve left me a very generous four inches on which to perch my ‘tocks.

Believe me, they NEVER want to cuddle adorably in my desk chair on weekends when I’m out and about. Weekdays. Work hours only. And I generally react by dragging in a different chair for myself, because I’m too tenderhearted for my own good.

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20 Responses to “Feline Interlude: OUSTED”

  1. Jenny

    Awh, they’re so cute! You’ve not lived unless you’ve had to share a pillow with a huge furry cat! Chair-sharing is good too ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  2. Anat

    OMG, this just looks so familiar!! My cat’s are constantly fighting over my chair (very similar to yours, BTW), and let me tell you, it is ON at all hours…

    I often have to make ado with those 4 inches, which results in the unfortunate afliction of having a “cat butt”. They also drive one another away behind my back – in particular one bully will drive out the more timid old girl.

    And then there is the elegant maneuver of getting from the back of me onto my lap…. quite precarious but often successful….

    Oh, but yours are so cute together like that… that doesn’t happen often in our household….

  3. Avlor

    You kitties were much smarter than mine. Mine started with my chair at the table. If it’s between them and food – well I shoved them off and chose food!

  4. April

    That IS a most generous four inches they’ve left for you. So considerate! They are adorable, and obviously tuned in to the work schedule–very smart!

  5. Mary

    Aww they want you to sit with them…on the few inches they left for you. lol

  6. sandy

    Gray cat: I dare you to pick us up and move us.
    And if you do, you will have your hands full of furry, limp noodles. I know this maneuver!

  7. Cassiefairy

    My lovely furry friends flat-out REFUSE to sit on my lap when I’m relaxing and have spare time to give them some attention, but when I’m working hard sat at my computer with a deadline, they will not leave me alone, demanding cuddles, a comfy place to lie and rubbing against whatever writing implement I’m using.
    This is possibly what I love the most about them! X

  8. Anna

    One of my former cats loved paperwork. Mine. She curled herself up and sat right in the middle of it.

  9. Amy

    OMG TOO CUTE!! And not dragging in another chair for yourself would only equate to animal abuse! Good for you!

  10. Megan Mae

    Awww so sweet. My old cat, Gomez, used to be good about sharing the computer chair. I had to keep a pillow for him to sit in my lap though, otherwise he got mad when he fell off it! He did on a daily basis. He was old and wanted lots of attention.

  11. Stacy @ Stacyverb

    HA! This happens at our house all the time, where my husband often works standing up because his desk chair is occupied. Like you, he’s too much of a softie to get mad about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Celynne

    My cat loves to sleep in my computer chair, but thankfully usually only when I am asleep in bed. If he is there and I do need to sit, I just have to start sitting and he flees in terror of his own accord haha…

  13. Romina

    Hi Sally! your cats are so adorable, sharing your chair when you have to work haha! , I own one that looks exactly like Rowan, her name is Tasmania and she lives outside with her friend Nueva Zelanda (New zealand) . I also have 2 other cats Sicilia (Sicily) she is BLACK and loves lying on WHITE clothes and Krakatoa she is a tricolor (white, red and black) but most of the time leaves WHITE hair and loves lying on BLACK and DARK clothes. I still love them, but before I leave the house I’m always force to a quick check out!!! Cats are amazing I own 4 and each one is so different than the other! I also love dogs (3) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Nice post!

  14. Allie W

    See, if only I could get Mirabel and Miette to actually like each other, I’d give up my chair for a picture like this. I knew you were awesome before. Now that I know you have two adorable kitties, I know you are super awesome.