Feline Interlude: SCREENED

Simon Kitty prefers to supervise when HM and I pick raspberries from the bushes on the south side of our house. He wedges himself into the screened windowsill to get the best view. And for optimum cuteness, of course.

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14 Responses to “Feline Interlude: SCREENED”

  1. Cal

    Aww, Simon kitty is so precious. And it's a good thing he keeps an eye on you two to keep you out of trouble.

  2. Daisy Dukes

    Optimum cuteness indeed! We love you Simon Kitty! Roofy reads your blog Simon.

  3. Dorky Medievalist

    Solidarity! I always feel like I'm betraying the mandate of our blog when the cats creep into my posts. But sometimes optimum cuteness wants what it wants. Yay for Simon, who is, like my cats are, not an accessory!

  4. Faith J.

    Yay for kitteh post! My parents' cat likes to lick screens. Maybe not enough iron in her diet?

  5. Rad_in_Broolyn

    So adorable, I started mewing at my computer screen. In front of my partner, who threatened to video tape me and stick it on my blog. He does look a bit like our kitten!

  6. myedit

    When my cat gets spring fever and wants to go out all the time (which is not allowed anymore after I found him across a 5 lane road) he will climb the screen and hang like a pancake between the glass and screen.
    Love those fur babies!