Feline Interlude: SOCKED

Here’s a blast from the past interlude for you: This is Simon Kitty aged 11 weeks.

HE HATED SOCKS SO MUCH, you guys. Here he is, going to town on one of Husband Mike‘s tube socks. He used to steal socks from laundry piles and take them into the kitchen to kill them. Killing them didn’t require the head-shaking you often see in dogs, but instead long, deep bites that created the most hilarious squishing sound as his teeth met with the elastic fibers inside the socks.

He hates socks a lot less now. But he is no fashion kitty. Rowan, on the other hand, IS a fashion kitty.

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11 Responses to “Feline Interlude: SOCKED”

  1. Suze in CO

    Such a cutie! We once had a cat who hated socks so much that he would jump on you and proceed to pull the sock off your foot before chewing on it. He was surprisingly good at getting hold of the sock and not the flesh inside. (Most of the time.)

  2. Catie D.

    My cat, D’Artagnan, is not one for toys. But he LOVES string. I’m just learning how to crochet, and when he’s around, he sits in my lap and bats the yarn as I chain and what not. Cats, man. How did I go this long without one?

  3. Practical Paralegalism

    My kitten, one of the cool benefits of my meet-up with style blogger and now my Sister-in-Cat, Megan Mae, earlier this year, also likes to kill things in our kitchen, but her MO is drowning. We keep a huge water dish in the kitchen for all the four-leggeds, and frequently find her small cloth cat toys submerged in it.

  4. sarah

    oh my goodness, ADORABLE!! Our cat isn’t really interested in socks – she’ll take some laces or a pom pom or two over socks any day =)

  5. Anna

    We once had a cat that liked to steal paper money and run off with it. She ignored all other forms of paper and selected only US bills. When she stole money from guests, we had to talk fast to convince them we hadn’t trained her to do this.

  6. Jen

    My pup Pickles is addicted to socks. I used to have ever so many pairs of cute, matching socks. Now I’m lucky if I can snag a ratty pair of my boyfriend’s.

    You know those plush, chenille-like, lotion infused socks you can buy for 8 bucks a pair? That you wear after a hard day’s work? Those are his fave.