Dressed for: Undone Comfort

Already Pretty outfit featuring military jacket, sweater tunic, leggings, Fiorentini + Baker Eternity boots, Rebecca Minkoff Logan bag

Jacket – thrifted – similar
Tunic – H&Msimilar
Leggings – Huesimilar
Boots – Fiorentini + Baker Eternity via eBay
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Logan (no longer available) – similar
Earrings – Corset
Necklaces – Etsysimilar look

I tend to like things neat and tidy. Over the years, I’ve had to adjust my expectations because the world is not a neat and tidy place. My hair is not a neat and tidy ecosystem. And these boots – which have been on my wishlist for more than five years and got nabbed six months ago on eBay – are meant to be kinda undone and messy looking. They scrunch and pucker and the straps curl and stick out on everyone. And seeing as they’re comfy and gorgeous, I’m happy to let them do their thing.

How are you with clothes that look naturally undone or messy? I’m sure some of you can tolerate wrinkled linen – it drives me batty, and I just avoid the stuff. Scarf ties? Distressed jeans? Anything that’s kind of sloppy by nature but just works for you?


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7 Responses to “Dressed for: Undone Comfort”

  1. Denise

    Scarves, love scarves. I have short hair and a long neck, scarves work great for me. I use them for a color punch or to tie several colors together. I like big scarves, but I also thrift older silk scarves. I use the old silk scarves instead of a necklace. I store my scarves in a flat basket,so I have a pretty display.

  2. livi

    I’m good with shoes that look a little messy, but that’s about it.

  3. Cynthia

    Everything I wear is pretty rough around the edges. It’s just how I roll. I think I’d have embraced it much more easily if I’d never started reading style blogs.

  4. fashionforgiants

    I’m not great at being undone; I’m uncomfortable and fidgety. But, I don’t mind stuff looking a little worse for wear; scuffed shoes, lightly distressed denim and repaired sweaters get worn regularly by me with no problems.

  5. Erika

    I’m naturally somewhat scruffy, so much more comfortable in clothing that slouches than in neat and uncreased! Not that keen on distressed jeans – and I polish my shoes. Can’t stand it when they’re dirty. I think that’s because I want them to last forever 🙂

  6. walkercreative

    I like loosely draped scarves and any thing that is sharkbite or hanky hemmed, but that is about it for the scruff factor. I really like to be finished and polished, even when relaxing I look more like a Soft Surroundings catalog than a western movie. I can’t stand distressed shoes, denim, leather, or sweats on me, though I like it on others. That’s how my chambray found it’s way to the thrift store. Off the shoulder or asymetrical hemlines are about it.

  7. contrary kiwi

    I like my hair when it is wild and scruffy, but am not very good with things being messy unless I’m aiming for that. I wouldn’t be able to wear those boots because the straps would drive me nuts.