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Hello there, I’m so happy to have the opportunity to share another post with you! I thought long and hard about what I wanted to discuss this time around and I decided that it’s high time that I really opened up my heart to you! 🙂 Let’s talk “first loves”! To be more specific, I’m thinking about my very ‘first style love,’ which is none other than V I N T A G E!!!


I recently teamed up with several of my favorite vintage style bloggers for a joint blog post (see here). I started thinking about my style journey over the years, and one thing has remained positively consistent: My love for vintage fashion and style. Although it is totally accurate that at times I shop from so called high-end retailers, I also shop mainstream retail sales, final clearance racks, last calls, estate sales, garage sales, swap parties, hand me downs, and thrift/consignment stores. In short, I shop just about EVERYWHERE! Nonetheless, vintage fashion has hands down been my favorite style genre for 20+ years.  The love that I have for vintage fashion/accessories is not going to change. See examples of my vintage looks here, here, here, and here.


Earrings/Dress/Shrug/Beaded handbag: Vintage, thrifted- Watch: c/o JORD Wood Watches
Socks: Nordstrom
Loafers: DSW


Oftentimes people comment to me that they, too, appreciate vintage fashions and accessories, however they have a difficult time finding such items, and aren’t sure exactly how to care for them. Perhaps that is how you feel also!


Well today’s post is most certainly a treat! I asked several of my favorite vintage style bloggers what helpful tips they could offer for vintage lovers. Here’s the scoop from Cynthia, Sacramento, and Ragini:


SkittlisFashionCynthia of SkittlisFashionBlog advises:

  1. Check the garment inside out for any loose stitches and marks especially the armpit area. Just because you are buying vintage it doesn’t mean you have to accept too much dirt. If the garment looks like it can be dry cleaned, then all is good.
  2.  Always try before you buy because vintage sizes are so different from present sizes. But if I fall in love with a vintage piece even if it’s small, I will take it to a tailor if the job is too complicated for me and it only usually costs me an extra £10. I don’t just look at vintage pieces for what they are. If it’s a skirt it can be a dress after a nip and tuck or even a top, or pair of shorts.
  3. Buy pieces you definitely know you are going to wear again with pieces you already have. Look after your bank account: don’t just buy loads because it’s cheap. Think before you buy. Respect the history of the garment and look after it.


CuriousFancyRagini of Curious Fancy shares:

  1. Vintage leather can often get moldy, especially if you live somewhere rainy and damp. (India during monsoon, for example!) Bright, warm sunshine is my preferred way of getting mold out of vintage leather, be it a jacket or a pair of boots. I keep the moldy item out in sunlight for anything between 4-8 hours every day for 3-4 days. Just remember to bring your shoes or leather clothing back indoors after sundown; otherwise they’d get damp again from dewfall at night! Once the mold has gone powdery and crumbly after a few days, and the leather feels dry with no hint of moisture, take a stiff brush and brush all of the dry mold off. You can use a leather polish afterwards to restore shine. This process also works for vintage wool or felt if the mold hasn’t eaten into the fibers and made them brittle.
  2. While vintage clothing in polyester can generally be trusted to hold up even after decades in storage, vintage cottons and linens are an entirely different and very delicate proposition altogether. Unless you know a drycleaner that specializes in vintage cleaning and restoration, the safest way to wash that delicate 40’s cotton blouse is in cold water with a bit of gentle shampoo. Soak the garment for an hour in cold water with some baby shampoo swirled in and then hand rinse it in cold water again. Needless to say, machine washing of any sort would not be suitable! If you need to iron the garment, and don’t have a stream press, use your regular iron on the lowest setting and place a thicker cotton cloth in a similar colour over the vintage garment while ironing. This way, the aged fabric will be protected from the direct heat coming from your iron.
  3. Don’t give up on that cute vintage dress or jacket just because it’s from the shoulder pad era! Shoulder pads are easily removable using just a pair of scissors, and if you’re broad shouldered like me, the extra space will give you a little more wiggle room as well!


MISPAPSacramento of Mis Papelicos says:

  1. 99% of everything I wear is second hand. Most of it vintage. I find clothes mainly in flea markets and thrift shops.
  2. Most of the time I adapt and change or DIY the clothes to make them more me and mine, then I mix them with modern touches.
  3. I dry clean expensive jackets and coats, but machine wash all of the rest on a special hand wash program, and so far so good.



Additionally, here are a few things that I have learned:

1. Shop off the beaten path. Go to thrift stores that everyone does not already know about! Think inner city, non-chain, and so on.
2. Go during the week, early, or just before closing. This is when restocks are often made.
3. Think outside the box when you spot a great piece. Perhaps it’s meant to be one thing, but you can use it as something else!



I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s post! Until next time, catch me over at 😉



I’m Joi and I blog my personal style via In My Joi. I’ve always enjoyed dressing up, yet notably, my personal style took on new dimensions when I hit my 30’s. You’ll find me saturated in bright colors, draped in vintage, and topped in hats. Occasionally I venture off to black and white combinations or take a playful dabble in mixed prints. It has been said that style is a way to express who you are, without having to speak. I wholeheartedly concur. Each day of life offers up a blank canvas, a fresh opportunity to use style to express different dimensions of my authentic self. Join my style adventures via Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook!

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4 Responses to “For the Love of Vintage”

  1. Monica H

    Vintage has never really been a fashion crush of mine. However, I felt I really should comment to tell you that I love love love your hairstyle in this post. What a cool sculptural look! Simply divine.

  2. Mis Papelicos

    What a fantastic all round post Joi. The pics, you look so pretty, and the tips are great.
    Great advise, and tips.
    Thank you again for including me.
    I am truly honoured.

  3. skittlisfashion

    I’ve learnt on this post woow, thank you very much