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Oh, friends, I am SO excited to announce that a freshly re-designed is now live* and brimming with details about the work I’ve been doing lately!

While the blog is still a huge part of my workload, most of you know that I write for a variety of other sites and publications, too. Over the past year, I’ve begun taking on more ghostwriting, editorial, and copy writing work, and have found these behind-the-scenes projects to be incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. I hold a degree in creative writing and have more than 12 years of experience in marketing, communications, and editorial work, so collaborating with clients is second nature to me. Although I specialize in non-fiction books and book proposals, I’ve taken on everything from artist statements to online courses.

Are YOU looking for writing or editing help with an ongoing or upcoming project? I’d love to be your partner in word-smithing crime!


I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of writing in the unique and varied voices of my clients, and in recent projects I’ve captured the essence of earnest doulas, sassy personal stylists, ambitious business coaches, eager entrepreneurs, and passionate nutritionists. So far I’ve ghostwritten two non-fiction books, several email newsletter opt-ins, dozens of blog posts, bios, and book proposals. Are you too busy to keep up with your monthly writing tasks? Got a back-burnered project that you need help bringing to fruition? I’m your gal.

  • I can create an editorial calendar for your blog and outline or write posts for you.
  • I can work with you to organize, write, and polish your heartfelt memoir or engaging non-fiction book.
  • I can walk you through the components of a book proposal, and help you write one that’ll make acquiring editors sit up and take notice.
  • I can help you craft that online course or workbook you’ve been longing to add to your business offerings.

No matter the scope or subject, voice or tone, I can be your secret weapon. Reach out with your ideas and let’s find a way to collaborate.


I love editing for the same reason I love assembling Ikea furniture: I find the task of rearranging interrelated parts into a cohesive whole to be deeply satisfying. I have a keen eye for sentence structure, excellent instincts about rhythm and voice, and a knack for teasing the meaning out of slightly rambly text. I can help you:

  • Reorganize and finesse your non-fiction book into a seamless, eloquent text
  • Fine-tune a speech to be clear and concise
  • Revamp your bio so it truly captures your essence
  • Ensure your email opt-in is lively, fun, and easy to read

I’d be delighted to take an Allen wrench to your writing, if you’ll let me. I promise to be gentle, flexible, and honest. Shoot me an email for more information.

Copy Writing

I spent more than a decade working in marketing and communications, so I know how to craft persuasive, engaging copy. Whether you need your services described, your book summarized, or your product promoted, I can create copy that will captivate, intrigue, and encourage action.

  • My concise copy will capture the essence of your work.
  • My working style includes several rounds of edits, allowing you to revise and renovate along with me.
  • You can read a sample of my copy writing work here.

The words that describe your services, products, or brand should be chosen carefully. Connect with me and we’ll choose them together.

And if you’re interested in hearing from some of my previous clients, check out my testimonials page!

Here at Already Pretty, I encourage you to express yourself through personal style. If you need help expressing yourself through the written word, let’s talk. Drop me an email with some details on your project, and I’ll get you on my calendar.

*HUGE thanks to Christine Rousu of So It Goes Design for making this redesign exciting and fun. She’s a total rock star.

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One Response to “Ghostwriter, Editor, and Copywriter for Hire!”

  1. Nebraskim

    This is exciting to read. I do this type of work as well. I actually did all of this when I worked in university public relations for 26 years, but I got RIF’ed and took “early retirement,” I occasionally do this kind of work as a free-lancer but I’ve not actually worked to find clients. I get referrals and do quite a bit of work for the university that RIF’ed me. Good luck to you. The copy you’ve put together here is very well done and persuasive. I’d hire you!