Gilda on Style

I base most of my fashion sense on what doesn’t itch.

~ Gilda Radner


Image courtesy Fresh Baked Goods

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10 Responses to “Gilda on Style”

  1. Ali H

    LOVE IT this has always been my attitude towards fashion. And things that wont give me wedgies.

  2. Sarah

    I love Gilda, but my mom has this on a refrigerator magnet and OH does she use “But it’s not comfortable!” (i.e. this cannot functionally replace pajamas) as an excuse for looking frumpy. So frustrating, because she makes herself miserable–it’s not like she truly doesn’t care. She cares but doesn’t do anything about it (and calls herself fat in the meanwhile). Well of course, my dad’s jeans aren’t slimming on you. “But they’re comfortable!” How about real pants or a knee-length skirt instead of black jersey pants? “But they’re not comfortable!” I try to help in both directions (love the body you have, but also dress it well for Pete’s sake if it’s going to bother you) but Gilda…Gilda and I are working at cross-purposes here.

    (My mom has actually gotten worse about body image since I’ve gotten older. She does things now like point out Mia Michaels in a swimsuit in Star Magazine (blech) and say, “Oh, isn’t that sad?” WHY WOULD IT BE SAD. SHE’S ON THE BEACH AND SHE’S SMILING. SOUNDS LIKE WINNING TO ME. It’s so strange, since she was so careful about this when I was little. I think it’s a combination of not having to take care to protect my forming brain, and increased self-loathing due to her own weight gain over the years. It makes me insane and so frustrated.)

    • Ellen

      When I first read this, I thought, “Gee, is this MY daughter Sarah?” Then I read further and realized that it wasn’t.

      I’m lucky in that my Sarah has a terrific eye, and is truly a help when I am forced to go shopping. And yes, I mean “forced”. Although I agree with Oscar Wilde about being suspicious of any venture which requires new clothing, sometimes needs must. That’s where my Sarah’s eye and her humor are so helpful. She makes the arduous task efficient and fun. Three months ago, she spent 1 hour with me at Loehmann’s and I came away with 2 outfits for 2 upcoming weddings, plus an extra skirt and blouse for work. One hour! I am very blessed to have her.

      I feel for you and your mom. It’s obvious that you care about her. Rather than focus on fashion, maybe asking to take a long walk together, or go for a bike ride or some other form of shared, physical activity (yoga class?) might do more for her body image and your relationship than fashion tips. I always feel more like shopping when I know that I’ve been exercising.

      Good luck!

  3. Cheryl Gorn, author of The Secondhand Wardrobe

    I loved Gilda, but my comment is not about her, it’s about what Sarah had to say about her mom. I’m 58 years old, and it takes more time to look good now than it did when I was younger. But I make the effort. It’s hard getting older and many, many women just give up. They give up for lots of different reasons, such as realizing that the thing that women are too often valued for, our beauty, is fading fast; that our kids are now the ones who are young and gorgeous and don’t really need us so much any more; that we’re disappointed with choices we made, be it a career choice or a choice of a life partner; that body parts hurt that never hurt before; that we only have a limited amount of time left. All I can say is if you’re not dead yet, then you still have the time to have fun, do something important in the world, and appreciate the people in your life who love you. A change of wardrobe might help your mom, but the real issue is learning how to accept all of the changes with honesty and the understanding that wonderful things can still happen in whatever time there is that’s left.

    And while I’m commenting, I also wanted to thank Sally for all of the time spent writing these terrific blogs. I especially appreciate that you incorporate thrift store bargains into your outfits!

  4. Marj

    I seriously have had this on my facebook profile since 2006. LOL.

  5. kola

    LoL it took me forever to figure out what that quote was trying to say. absolutely brilliant. glad i stumbled upon your blog đŸ™‚